Best Ways To Make Money From Matched Betting USA (2021)

matched betting USA
matched betting USA

The origins of major gambling bookmakers can be traced back to the 1930s. Even though it is a high-risk investment, its popularity has grown in the United States.

When compared to other forms of gambling, matched betting USA carries a smaller risk. It is recognized on the internet as one of the quickest ways to generate money online. Nonetheless, it is a high-risk investment.

As a result, we’ve compiled all of the low-risk matched betting USA and how to profit from it in few minutes.

Investing in sports betting and gambling is a high-risk investment. Individuals use free bets and incentives supplied by bookmakers to profit from match betting, which allows you to make money.

While I was in the betting business, I lost a lot of money. A low-risk betting approach that I discovered changed everything. It’s been a piece of cake since then to make money through matched betting USA!

To assist others in recouping their initial losses from bookmakers, I decided to share my low-risk marched betting USA approach for free.

A UK platform taught me a low-risk systematic approach to winning matched betting USA that you will be learning shortly. Citizens of the United Kingdom are no strangers to matched betting.

For obvious reasons, the strategy is only new to US citizens and residents. But I won’t bore you with specifics. We all know that US sports betting is less popular than UK sports betting due to restrictions in several areas.

Let’s get down to the point concerning the low-risk match betting method that will help you make quick cash.


What is Matched Betting USA?

matched betting USA
matched betting USA

Matched betting USA is a risk-free method of profiting from bookmaker-free bet offers. It is a low-risk betting method that uses simple calculations to swing the odds against bookmakers.

Using bookmakers’ offerings like free bets, odds increases, etc., against them is a simple but effective tactic of matched betting.


Many betting sites have emerged in the last three decades due to these bookmakers’ enormous money from bettors. Gaining and retaining new customers is a severe problem for all bookmakers due to the intense competition.

To keep its clients, bookmakers give a variety of bonuses to keep them coming back. When it comes to bonuses, bookmakers in the UK and other European countries offer absurd rewards. This trend is presently gaining speed in the United States, where we come into play, matched betting USA.

For example, some bookmakers in the US offer bonuses of up to 150 per cent of your first two deposits to encourage clients. Ever wonder why these bet companies are so confident to offer such ridiculous rewards to their customers? The reason for this is that the bookmakers are sure to win money in the long term because let’s face it, you can’t beat them.



Is Winning Matched Betting USA Easy?

Most bettors lose a lot of money in bets, which makes the bookmakers extremely wealthy, which is why they can afford to give out such extravagant rewards.

It’s likely that matched betting USA was established by a bettor who had lost a lot of money to these bookies and was looking for ways to get it back. It’s good that the creator was generous enough to share this information with the public for no charge.


Since its inception, this methodology has benefited many individuals, and it continues to do so in the United States as well, where it is currently getting more popular.

Many people have asked me, “Why are you doing this?” When people ask me why I do matched betting, my reaction is always the same — the bookmakers deserve no compassion.

With the people’s hard-earned money, these guys have built international corporations. If you live in a place where betting is legal, then you’re in luck because I’m going to reveal the ultimate approach that’s helped me earn a ton.


Due to the repeal of PASPA, matched betting USA is gaining steam, and I believe everyone should take advantage of this opportunity to make good money off these bookmakers.


How does No Risk Matched Betting USA work?

How to make money from matched betting USA is explained in detail in the following paragraphs. Please note that this is not gambling in the traditional sense. This method does not rely on chance and is based on a series of simple calculations.


Enough said; I now reveal the fundamentals of matched betting to you!


  1. Look For an Offer
matched betting USA
matched betting USA

Matched betting USA begins with finding a bookmaker’s offer that suits your needs and preferences, which is the first stage. Some bookmakers, as I mentioned previously, employ huge bonuses to lure you in. Identify these bookmakers and open an account with them.


For example, suppose you find and register with a betting site that offers a free bet for up to $40 in exchange for a deposit and a wager of the same amount.

However, you should read the terms and conditions for each bonus to make sure the bookies don’t have any hidden fees or charges.

For example, most bonuses require you to win a particular amount of money before you can withdraw it or to place bets with odds of at least 1.5. Use decimal odds whenever possible. Every bookmaker allows you to modify the odds format if it is not currently shown as a decimal.


After confirming the bonus terms and ensuring that the bookmakers have no hidden tricks, you go on to the next phase in the betting process.


  1. Bet with a Chance to Win
matched betting USA
matched betting USA

To qualify for the bookmaker’s bonus, which is now $40 in this instant, the second stage in matched betting USA is to place a wager. To qualify for the bonus, you’ll need to meet certain criteria. It’s a rather straightforward process.


A little amount of money is lost in the qualifying bet, which is called the qualifying loss.

Then, find a game in which you can make a bet! It would help if you placed a bet that has odds greater than 1.5 in the example above.

With the NFL or any other sport, you are guaranteed to win or lose without ties; I recommend using Moneyline betting.


In the case of a 1.8-odds game, you’ll need to discover the identical event on a separate betting site and check the odds for the opposite team. The odds are 2.0 in this scenario.

Use a dutching calculator (find one on Google) to determine your stake on the second betting site. Now that our stake on the first site is $50, the question is, at what stake would we get an equal return on our money?

Using the dutching calculator, you can quickly determine how much you need to wager on the second betting site to ensure our return is evil.



  1. Free Bet

As soon as you place a qualifying bet, you should be eligible for your free bet bonus. When you place a qualifying bet with some bookmakers, they will credit you immediately, while others will credit you 48 hours later. With or without a bookmaker, you’re on the right track towards earning some serious cash!

Repeating the same strategy on games with higher odds will assure that we make a good amount of money.


Think about betting on a team with odds of 6.00, whereas on the second bookmaker’s site, you’ll see odds of 1.18.

Since we are now betting with our own money on the second site, we need to alter our dutching calculator settings. With the dutching calculator, you may create calculations to ensure that you obtain equal returns from both bookmakers, regardless of the game’s result.

As a result of our simulations using the Dutch Calculator, we will gamble our $50 bonus on a game with 6.0 odds and $211.86 on a site with 1.18 odds. So, regardless of the outcome, you’ll make $38.13 regardless of the match’s outcome.


The net profit for this simulation is $35.63 when we take into account our qualifying loss.

If you don’t have the needed amount for the second betting site, you don’t have to place a free bet as high as $50, as $200 is a significant figure for many individuals.

The second bookmaker may penalize you if you bet less than the required dutching bet. Before putting your free bet, take your time to figure out how much of a risk you’re willing to take.


First, make sure you don’t go against any maximum odds if they’re specified in the bonus’s terms and conditions.

To begin with, you’ll make more money with higher odds, but you’ll have to deposit a larger sum into the second site.

Profit from your welcome bonus on betting sites and join the rising number of bettors. Matching betting USA, or double betting, as it is sometimes called, is a relatively obscure concept.


The bookies will also give away free bets to existing customers to discourage them from switching to another bookmaker. Certain betting sites provide free bets even after joining up, so keep an eye on your dashboard to see when such an offer appears.

If you’re an experienced bettor, you may find that the free bets or incentives you receive from the bookies aren’t as generous as what they provide to beginners. However, you can still make some money as experienced bettors.

A few states allowed matched betting USA before PASPA was repealed, but now most states do, though various terms and conditions.



Top 7 States to Legalize Matched Betting USA.

The following are the seven (7) to legalize matched betting USA:

  1. Mississippi

Another state where matched betting USA is gaining popularity is Mississippi. When the football season was on break in August 2018, betting officially took off in the United States at the Beau Rivage casino. Currently, the state has a small number of betting companies.



  1. Nevada

Simply because Nevada was one of the first states to permit sports wagering in the United States, Nevada is always included when talking about US sports betting. Matched betting USA was legalized in Nevada in 1949, and for many years it was the top-earning state in the United States. New Jersey has held the position since the turn of the year.


  1. West Virginia

Betting became allowed in West Virginia on January 1, 2006, making it the fifth state in the United States. In West Virginia, there are casinos and other betting firms.

Many states are on the verge of legalizing sports gambling.

When it comes to US sports betting earnings, Nevada still occupies the number one slot. Some of the sports betting applications now available in Nevada are listed below:


Gamblers have to register for online betting by visiting casinos at the moment. A Nevada betting exchange is now required for residents to participate in this wagering in Nevada.


  1. Delaware

Since the repeal of PASPA, Delaware has also legalized sports betting. However, there are severe restrictions that bookies must follow in the state.



  1. New Jersey

In the United States, New Jersey is a state that spearheaded the push to legalize sports betting. On June 11, 2018, the state’s governor Phil Murphy signed legislation legalizing sports betting, even though the movement had continued for years.


  1. Illinois

In Illinois, a bill to legalize sports betting passed on June 28. But it was not released until March 2020.

An 18-month head start is being provided to traditional sportsbooks in Illinois over online betting operations. Even though online betting is offered through physical sportsbooks, it is necessary to register in person for the first 18 months.


  1. Colorado

Colorado, which is a tad behind the times, just legalized sports betting in May 2020. Colorado, on the other hand, offers complete online and mobile betting.

In the future, this market is expected to be one of the largest for sportsbooks.




It is my sincere wish that you find this post on matched betting USA informative? With the greatest of intentions, this material is aimed at the US and international bettors.

All of your previous losses from matched betting will be recovered by following the advice in this article. Thanks for reading, and I hope it helps you make a decent profit from betting.

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