How To Sell Unwanted Gift Card For Cash 

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Over the years, a good number of gift cards go unused annually. Probably you are even contributing to the number. You may have received a gift card as a gift and wish not to redeem it. Instead of leaving it lying around, exchanging it for cash is best. 

This article is focused on teaching you how to sell unwanted gift cards for cash. 

Imagine getting a Steam gift card on your birthday, and you aren’t a gaming fan. There is a good chance that the gift card will go to waste. Now, instead of that, you can sell the gift card for cash instead. 

You can use several online trading platforms to sell gift cards for naira, cedis, or dollars. Keep reading to find more information.

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Where Can I Sell My Gift Card And Get Paid Instantly?

If you are looking for a short answer, NOSH. Need a platform to sell gift cards and get paid instantly? Nosh is your guy.

I don’t want to give you irrelevant information. Let’s look at why I recommended Nosh without thinking twice. 

First, I don’t recommend anything I don’t have experience with. I’ve used Nosh several times to trade gift cards; every trade is always a hit. 

Nosh is a reputable gift card trading platform that has served thousands of users over the years. Users exchange gift cards seamlessly and securely on the application.

There is no unnecessary waiting time, as your wallet gets credited instantly once your trade is approved.

The customer service at Nosh is exceptional.  Don’t hesitate to contact the support team if you have any issues.

Nosh offers the best rates for all kinds of gift cards. Own an Apple, Sephora, Target, Amazon, or PlayStation gift card? Turn gift cards into cash at the best rates possible with Nosh.

You can use the platform on a browser or simply download the mobile app on your device. Feel free to go with your preferred option. I do recommend the mobile app, though.

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How To Sell Gift Card In Nigeria

Selling gift cards in Nigeria is pretty straightforward, especially with the right platform. Several reviews have been online about the Nosh platform’s seamless gift card trading procedure. Let’s quickly run through the step-by-step guide.

  1. You will need to download the Nosh app first. Go to AppStore or PlayStore to install the mobile app. Another approach is to visit the Nosh website via any browser.
  2. Now, create an account with your full name, email address, and password. If you have an existing account, simply sign in.
  3. Tap on the Sell Gift Card button on the dashboard.
  4. Search and select the gift card brand you want to sell. Examples include Steam, Google Play,  iTunes, Razer Gold, etc.
  5. Select the subcategory your gift card belongs to among the available list.
  6. Then, enter the total gift card amount. The equivalent in the currency you selected will be shown.
  7. Proceed and upload the gift card images. Or type in the Ecode.
  8. Review your transaction details and submit the trade for review.

Tips For Selling Gift Cards Online 

To get the best value on your gift card, there are essential tips you need to be aware of. I will be discussing them below.

Compare trading platforms.

You must take the time to research the gift card trading platforms online before making a choice. Check for credibility and online reviews on the Play Store, App Store, and social media platforms.

Read the terms and conditions. 

I know this is not the norm for you and me. But it’s always advisable to read the terms and conditions of companies, especially when dealing with gift cards. It will inform you of fees, transaction limits, and other restrictions.

Compare gift card rates.

If you don’t redeem your gift card for purchases, you might as well get the best rate in exchange. While checking out the trading platforms during your research, pay attention to what people say about their rates too. While at this, don’t fall victim to scams. You should be able to discern when an offer is too good to be true. You can use the gift card rate calculator on Nosh to find out the current rate for any gift card.

Leverage the best time.

One of the best strategies for getting a good deal for your gift card is targeting the best trading period. Gift card rates fluctuate due to market factors. Take advantage of when the market is favorable. One market factor you can track is the dollar-to-naira rate in Nigeria. When the naira equivalent tends to be on the high side, you can surely get the best return on your gift card.

Enter the right information. 

To avoid experiencing issues with your trade, enter the right gift card details for a trade. Don’t attempt uploading an already redeemed gift card just to try luck. If your gift card is scratched and you have the ecode somewhere, you can choose to type in the ecode for the trade.


It’s quite okay if you don’t want to redeem gift cards for purchases. However, you should take this guide’s information seriously if you sell gift cards for cash. 

Nosh can be your go-to trading platform for converting gift cards to naira. You can trade all types of gift cards on Nosh. Ensure to follow the step-by-step guide we covered and you will be just fine.

Cheers to the #TopNoshExperience!

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