Nintendo eShop Gift Card PIN Scratched Off

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Corrupted steam card codes

If your Nintendo eShop gift card PIN has been scratched off, the best way to recover it is to visit and set up a help ticket. You will get a replacement for your Nintendo eShop gift card once their support team verifies your claim of having had your gift card PIN scratched off. 

A lot of people have various complaints about using gift cards. Some see it as a way stores take advantage of customers, mainly because the gift card PINs are easily scratched off, making the card invalid.

I have had to deal with the pain of almost losing a gift card because I mistakenly scratched off the gift card’s PIN. I understand the frustration you would be facing when your Nintendo gift card PIN has been scratched off. 

There is no denying that when a gift card’s PIN has been scratched off, it is no better than a piece of card and paper. Before you get angry, throw away your Nintendo gift card, and vent your anger against the brand, it is essential to note that you can recover a PIN that has been scratched off too hard. 

In this article, I will show you how to recover a Nintendo eShop gift card PIN that has been scratched off. You will discover proven steps that will assist you in recovering your scratched-off gift card PIN. Without further ado, let’s delve into the main deal of today. 

Corrupted steam card codes
Corrupted steam card codes

How to Recover Nintendo E-Shop & Switch Gift Card Pin 

You can recover a Nintendo gift card PIN that has been scratched off in two ways. They include: 

  • Contacting the Nintendo support center 
  • Returning the card to get a new one at the retailer

I will briefly review each method and how you can recover your gift card once you scratch off the PIN. 

Contact the Nintendo Support Center

You can recover a Nintendo eShop or Switch gift card PIN that’s been scratched off by contacting the Nintendo customer support center. To retrieve your Nintendo gift card PIN scratched off through the customer support center, log on to and open a Help Ticket specifying your problem.

While you are filing the help ticket, there are specific details you will be asked to provide. These details will help Nintendo understand the problem and how they can help you recover your gift card. Below you will find what details the brand will ask you to provide. 

Nintendo eShop Gift Card PIN Scratched Off
Nintendo eShop Gift Card PIN Scratched Off
  • Two photos of each side of the Nintendo eShop gift card whose PIN was scratched off. 
  • A picture of the gift card’s purchase receipt 
  • Your Nintendo Account/Network ID)
  • Your date of birth 
  • Your email address 
  • The serial number of the system or console you tried to redeem the eShop gift card on

Those details you will be asked to provide when contacting Nintendo customer support. Once the support team validates that you have not redeemed the gift card and you honestly scratched off your PIN, they will help you save it on the console or system. They could also help you with a replacement if you want. 

Note that you must take clear pictures of the Nintendo gift card. The support center demands you take two photos for each side of the gift card. This will help the support center know whether the PIN was truly scratched off and be able to trace if the gift card has been redeemed through the serial number on it. 

This is the surest method to recover your Nintendo gift card PIN if it’s scratched off. 

Nintendo eShop Gift Card PIN Scratched Off
Nintendo eShop Gift Card PIN Scratched Off

Return the Card to Get a New One at The Retailer.

I cannot guarantee that this method will work, but there is no harm in trying. As the title implies, this method involves returning the gift card whose PIN has been scratched off to the Nintendo store where you bought it. They should be able to give you a new one since they know how to get the damaged gift card back to the brand for a replacement. 

The flaw in this method is that not all retail stores will agree to give you a replacement when you return a damaged gift card. One of the reasons why they would not replace your gift card is because it is not easy to tell if you are trying to pull a smart one on them. Some people can pretend that they scratched off their gift card PIN, whereas getting a new gift card without buying it is a tactic. 

On this note, gift card retailers may not offer you a new gift if you report a damaged one. Suppose your gift card retailer agrees to give you a replacement for your gift card; great. Otherwise, you are better off with the Nintendo support center. 

Nintendo eShop Gift Card PIN Scratched Off
Nintendo eShop Gift Card PIN Scratched Off

What Happens if You Scratch the Code Off a Nintendo E-Shop Card?

If you scratch the code off a Nintendo eShop gift card, you can immediately contact the Nintendo support center. You will be required to provide some details, and once your claims are verified, Nintendo will add the equivalent of the card to the console or system you tried to redeem it on. 

Scratching off the PIN on a Nintendo eShop gift card makes the card irredeemable. Once you cannot redeem a card, it is nothing more than a useless piece of paper. Thanks to the Nintendo support center, recovering your Nintendo gift card PIN is easy if it has been scratched off. 

I think Nintendo has one of the best gift card recovery platforms. Their support team helps users recover scratched-off gift card PINs in no time. I had a similar issue with my Nintendo gift card, but their support team helped me recover the missing PIN in just a few minutes. They asked me to send them some details like the ones I highlighted above, and I did. They credited the gift card’s value to my console within an hour. 

Where Is the 16-Digit Code on A Nintendo E-Shop Card?

You can find the 16-digit code on the Nintendo eShop card on the gift card receipt given to you at the retail shop where you bought it. If you submitted an email address when purchasing the eShop card, the retailer might have sent the 16-digit code in the confirmation email that validated your purchase. Check your mailbox or the receipt you received to get the 16-digit code on your Nintendo eShop card. 

If you no longer have access to the email you used when buying the eShop card, you can log into your Nintendo account and the online store, look for your order, and ask that the 16-digit code be sent to an email you can access. 

How Do I Get My Nintendo Gift Card Code?

To get a Nintendo gift card PIN, you must check the back of the gift card for a scratch-off area. When you scratch off the silvery panel, it will reveal the 16-digit code or PIN of the card. In some cases, especially with retailers, you will print the gift card PIN on the receipt issued to you when you buy it. 

Alternatively, the retailer could have emailed you a confirmation of the purchase with your 16-digit code. If it was emailed to you, simply revert to the confirmation mail you received from the retailer. If you do not have access to the email where you got the former confirmation mail, log on to your Nintendo account and the online store, locate your order number, and ask for a repeat of the gift card code. 

The following are frequently asked questions, and we have provided answers to them in a bid to add value to this discourse on Nintendo gift card PIN scratched off. 

How Many Digits Are in A Nintendo E-Shop Card?

There are 16 digits on a Nintendo eShop Card. You can find these digits in the scratch-off area at the back of the gift card or on the receipt printed at the retail store where you bought the gift card. In some cases, the retailer may send the gift card code to your email address as part of a confirmation mail on the success of your purchase. 

Do E-Shop Gift Cards Expire?

Nintendo eShop gift cards do not expire. The eShop gift card can be redeemed anywhere and at any time. There is no limit to the validity period of an eShop gift card. Users can purchase a gift card from Nintendo and keep it for as long as they want. 

Can You Use a Nintendo E-Shop Card Twice?

You cannot use a Nintendo eShop card twice. You can only use the balance on a Nintendo eShop card once on a single account. 

How Do I Redeem a Code on The Nintendo E-Shop?

You can redeem the code on a Nintendo eShop gift card by following the steps below:

  • Launch Nintendo eShop on the HOME Menu
  • Select your account from the menu options
  • On the left side of the screen, select Enter Code
  • Next, you will need to enter the 16-digit Nintendo eShop gift card code
  • When you are done, select OK, and you will get a confirmatory message. 

Final Thoughts

If your Nintendo eShop gift card PIN is scratched off, contacting the Nintendo support center is your best option to recover it. The problem of having a scratched-off PIN is common, and I am optimistic that this guide has helped you gain insight on how to retrieve your PIN.

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