10 Best Forex Investment Companies In Nigeria

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Forex Investment Companies In Nigeria
Forex Investment Companies In Nigeria
Forex Investment Companies In Nigeria

Investments allow you to earn money passively while you remain productive in other parts of your life. The foreign exchange industry has proven itself to be a great opportunity for generating a stable income flow over the years. In this article, we will be covering some of the best forex investment companies in Nigeria.

What is a forex investment company?

A forex investment company can simply be referred to as an assets management firm. They typically present themselves in two forms. One specialises in generating profit for its customers while the other acts as a brokerage firm.

To ensure the best results, investment companies employ the services of experienced traders. These in-house traders manage trading affairs within the firm.

They specialise in pulling funds together and trading them on the forex market for profit. On the forex market, various securities, commodities and currencies are constantly bought and sold.

A Forex investment company can also take the form of a brokerage firm. Brokerage firms act as intermediaries between the market and traders, allowing them to place trades in the market.

These firms may money on a commodity by either going long (buying) or short (selling) on them. Trading on the forex market comes with its risks, the investment company in makes these risky moves in the place of the investor.

Forex investment companies in Nigeria (and other parts of the world) operate similarly to hedge funds.

However, there is a core difference. While hedge funds might choose to invest in a wide variety of commodities including forex, forex investment companies streamline their investment.


Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Forex Investment Company

With so many options to choose from, picking the right choice that suits your needs can be quite different.

Investing your hard-earned money into any establishment isn’t an action to be regarded lightly. Also, considering how lucrative the industry is, it comes as no surprise that there are a lot of fraudulent companies that pose as being legitimate.

There are a few factors to consider when it comes to measuring the credibility of these companies.

Whether you want to invest your money with them or through them, these tips will help you make the right choice.

1. Read User Reviews

This is a crucial part of researching a company. Reviews are the best methods to gather knowledge on a company. The view of the vast majority of people that have used their services is a valuable source of information.

Before you put your money into any platform, checking out customer reviews is an absolute must. When it comes to analysing reviews, don’t rely solely on the company website.

check websites like trustpilot.com, nairaland.com and other forums to find out other people’s review of the company

Reviews from forums and review websites will give you a fair idea of the company even more. Putting reviews from different sources together will help you build a vivid mental image of your brand of interest.

2. Operation Time

How long has the company been operational? The longer the track record or consistency the better. The duration of time they have spent on the financial scene tells us how much market experience they have gathered.

The last thing you want to do is invest your money in a company that hasn’t gone through the test of time.

Exceptions can only be made when a company organises a formal funding round. In this case, the credibility of the company is easier to ascertain.

3. Customer Relations

When investing in a company, finding out how the terms of use affect their protocols and conducts is important.

The policies and terms of use of a particular platform might not be favourable to you. Learning about them beforehand will be of great use.

This should give you a fair idea of how they treat their customers. When it comes down to something you put your money into, knowing how you are treated in return is very important.

4. Certification

Compare to underhanded methods used by fraudulent companies to seem legit, legitimate businesses put in actual effort.

These efforts can be recognized by the level of support they have from industry authorities. An investment company needs to have some sort of financial certification or legal backing.

This will to a reasonable extent prove a corporations credibility. Having a reputation to lose is good motivation for a company to deliver quality services to their clients.

Best Forex Investment Companies In Nigeria

Forex Investment Companies In Nigeria
Forex Investment Companies In Nigeria

In this section, we will highlight some of the top forex investment companies in Nigeria that offer world-class services.

There are a few characteristics of forex investment companies that make them easier to interact with my clients. Some of them include:

  • Affordable fees charged on transactions
  • Reasonable minimum deposits
  • Fast transaction processing speed (approval and completion)
  • Multiple payment options supported
    Without any further delay, let’s dive right into the important details.

1. Hotforex

Hotforex is a financial body established in the year 2010. They have experienced sustainable growth since their inception. As one of the leading forex investment companies in Nigeria, they have gained the reputation of being one of the most cost-effective brokers.

This broker is quite popular with new traders and investors looking for low-cost trading options. In terms of backing by a financial regulatory body, Hotforex will not be found lacking. They are recognized by bodies like:

  • Financial Conduct Authority
  • Financial sector conduct Authority
  • CySEC

Aside from their online presence, you can also visit their physical office or call reach out to them on the customer support numbers.

Hotforex allows its customers to trade the forex market with low spreads, even on major currencies. There are also, zero spread account options that give you even better trading flexibility. The minimum deposit required by customers to trade on this platform is N30,000.

2. Forextime

Without a doubt, forex time has established itself as one of the best forex investment companies in Nigeria. Forextime has put adequate measures in place to ensure that Nigeria forex traders and investors and have a smooth and secure trading experience.

Its legal standing is also quite solid, several legal laws have been put in place to govern its operations. This gives customers the confidence to use the platform at ease.

In terms of deposit and withdrawal speed, forex time offers one of the fastest services. In terms of payment and withdrawal options, they offer their clients 19 payment methods.

Like many other brokerage platforms, forex time allows you to create a demo account, this should allow you to test out the platform before making an actual deposit. Therefore, you don’t have to deposit on the get-go before confirming if they fit into what you need.

Trading on a demo account allows investors and trader to build their confidence before officially starting their trading career. You can start trading with as little as N2,000 on this platform.

3. Pepperstone

Serving over 57,000 traders worldwide, Pepperstone is known as one of the most trusted forex investment companies in Nigeria. They have distinguished themselves as one of the most reliable forex brokers by winning a good amount of awards in the investment industry.

They offer consistent and experienced customers service delivery, this provides the perfect trading conditions for investors. Since their founding in the year 2010, they have shown the financial world the results a coordinated team of traders can produce.

They aim to provide a platform that simplifies the activities of traders by a great deal. Nigerian traders and investors are not left out of the loop. Disappointed by industry standards, Pepperstone shows its commitment to its community by offering superior services to market standards.

Asides from the live account, they also provide a demo account option. The purpose of the demo account is to allow new traders to familiarise themselves with the features of the platform. They also offer flexible deposit and withdrawal options.

Check out our list of top legit investment companies in Nigeria.

4. IC Markets

IC market does an amazing job at filling the gap between traders and the market, by a great deal. Their number goal is to make trading easier and more accessible to the vast majority. IC Markets are one of the regulated forex investment companies in Nigeria. As one of the leading investment companies in Nigeria, no less is expected.

They are renowned for their state of the art service provision. They offer services of different types that fit several types of investors and traders. Their trading platform is designed for easy navigation and user-friendly presentation, even I different conditions.

IC Markets offers traders the opportunity to gain access to mouth-watering pricing and spread rates that have only been previously available to investment banks.

At IC Markets, their number one goal is to create a hospitable trading environment that suits both retail and institutional traders. This system allows traders to enjoy quality spreads and fast transaction spread.

5. OctaFX

If you are a forex enthusiast, you must have seen one of the OctaFX ads once in a while. OctaFX remains one of the best forest investment companies in Nigeria. It is regarded as one of the legit STP forex brokers in Nigeria.

This is a platform known for creating the most conducive trading condition for the different categories of its client base. They are best known for creating affordable trading conditions that suit the forex traders under its platform.

It doesn’t matter how much time you have spent in the forex industry, a new or experienced forex trader, you can also secure an opportunity to trade and invest.

6. AvaTrade

AvaTrade is best described as one of the most innovative forex investment companies in Nigeria. Over the years, they have earned a healthy reputable in the forex industry for providing world-class services that are conducive for all classes of traders.

The creation of this company is a result of cooperation between financial experts and skilled professionals. They have also succeeded in improving the experience of traders on their platform.

They have distinct protocols and values in place that help to maintain healthy customer relations. They aim to create an environment where traders can effectively trade and invest at ease.

They perform an excellent job in maintaining a functional customer support system that fulfils its purpose to their customers. All these are perfectly delivered with transparency and integrity.

7. Alpari

They are regarded as one of the most prominent and influential forex brands in Nigeria. At Alpari, their state performs an amazing job at making sure they assist your customers in making the only time best investment moves.

Their performance since their inception has proven them to be one of the top investment companies in Nigeria. They offer a lot of services that are useful to their traders and investors.

With their specialised audience gathered from years of experience, they effectively provide the resources needed by traders to make smart investment choices.

You can’t go wrong with choosing this broker as your online trading partner. They are constantly working round the clock to ensure that their community enjoys a stable and conducive trading environment.


FXCM allows traders and investors to access their trading terminals with a smartphone. Trading and overall execution speed in real-time is fast and stress-free. Traders also have an opportunity to access useful trading courses and tools.

Their number one goal is to build a brokerage system that provides the perfect trading conditions for traders in their community.

Their experts are constantly trying to provide the best financial solutions to make life easier for traders. Some of the services they continue to fine-tune include:

  • Fast and transparent trading executions
  • Round the clock customer care services
  • Affordable pricings

Traders of all levels can have access to utilise and make money on this platform at ease.

9. ExpertOption

They were founded in the year 2014. Their goal is to give traders a transparent and easy trading experience. As part of their seamless service provision protocol, they are constantly working hard to ensure investors and traders have a smooth user experience. ExpertOption is one of the most reliable force investment companies in Nigeria. They have made their services available on various platforms like Windows, Android, iPhone and more.

10. XM Forex

Rest assured, XM forex is a secure and regulated brokerage firm. They provide their customers with favourable low spreads, fast trade executions and multi-platform availability.

As a bonus, their community of traders also enjoy access to refined trading education from various rich and informative sources.

Initial deposit fees are set at a minimum price that makes it easy got small-time investors to also make deposits. This platform offers three different types of trading accounts, allowing investors to be flexible.

What’s more, they do not charge commissions on any of these accounts. This concludes our list of the best forex investment companies in Nigeria.

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