Does Aflac Pay By Check Or Direct Deposit?

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You can choose to have your Aflac Individual, or Group claims direct deposited into a bank or savings account. This will save you time in terms of mail processing and postage. Check the policy or certificate packages you received after registration if you’re unsure what coverage you have.

Does Aflac Pay By Check Or Direct Deposit? 9

Aflac offers providers direct deposit and remittance information to claim payments from Aflac via electronic money transfer. Aflac will electronically deposit claims payments into providers’ bank accounts who engage in direct deposit.

Aflac isn’t a “true” employee-benefits provider. It usually allows employees to keep their coverage when they leave their sponsoring employer, as long as they can pay the premiums. After leaving a job, real customers like Aflac’s mobility.

Does Aflac Pay By Check?

Yes, you can have them directly deposited into a checking or savings account, eliminating the need for postal handling and postage.

Does Aflac Pay By Check Or Direct Deposit? 10

Whenever you need to file a claim, you’ll want to know how long Aflac requires to process it. All claims are reviewed within 5 business days, while the website says they can be completed in as little as 24 hours.

Bear in mind that Aflac Claims must be filed within one year. You will not be able to file a claim after this time has gone. Aflac Supplemental Insurance covers a wide range of health and life insurance needs. It’s a feasible alternative for many people as an additional life insurance policy.

How Do You Get Paid Through Aflac?

If you’ve set up direct deposit, you should get the payment after filing a claim. As for how long it will take, continue reading to find out. If you file a claim for surgery, a long-term illness, or anything else with a big payout, you’ll get a lot of requests for paperwork.

Also, getting a lump sum payout or installments over time depends on the claim you file. Payment turnaround should be 24-48 hours if filing online and providing all applicable documentation is present. It will take longer if you file via fax or mail.

How Long Does It Take Aflac To Direct Deposit?

You will receive your direct deposit payments between 24-48 hours if you file via direct transfer and provided all applicable documentation is present. If you acquire a lump sum payout or installments over time depends on the type of claim you file. 


How do I set up direct deposit for Aflac?

Visit, login, and choose an individual. Log in to Policyholder Online Services. Pop-up blockers in your browser must be turned off. In the “Need Help” area, you may learn how to disable pop-up blockers.

  • On the left side of the screen, click My Direct Deposit.
  • Check and accept the rules for receiving direct deposit payments and confirm or update your email address.
  • Please give them the information for the bank account where you want your payments to be sent. You’ll be asked to verify that the data you entered is accurate. You’ll need to provide the following:
    • Account holder’s name.
    • Your account’s ABA/Routing number. Examine one of the account holder’s checks to locate this number: This nine-digit code in the lower-left corner of the check is the ABA/Routing number. If you bank online, you can get the routing number on your bank’s website.
    • The bank account number into which the funds will be deposited. This is found in the second set of numbers at the bottom of the account holder’s check for a checking account. After you log in to your bank’s website, you’ll be able to see your account number. The Aflac direct deposit system will ask you to re-enter your account number to ensure the correct input.
    • Select your account type: savings or checking.
  • The last thing is to double-check the details you’ve provided. Within one business day after this is completed, funds can begin to be direct deposited.

Do I get my money back if I cancel Aflac?

You won’t get a refund when you terminate your insurance plan with Aflac, but you’ll still be protected by the end of the month. When your Aflac life insurance policy with a cash value expires, you will receive your money back.


The cancellation process for Aflac insurance offered by an employer is more complicated. It begins with a conversation with your HR department and completing a cancellation request form.

If you have an after-tax employer-paid policy, the insurance coverage will cease at the end of the requested month. Policy cancellations for pre-tax coverage will take effect on January 1 of the following year.

Overview Of Aflac Insurance

John Amos and his brothers, Paul and Phil, established Aflac Insurance Company in Columbus, Georgia, in 1955. “American Family Assurance Company of Columbus,” or Aflac, is an abbreviation

Keynote: Only 16 employees and 60 agents when the company first started. Aflac Insurance now has global agents and operations in Japan and is governed by a diverse board.

Aflac insurance is frequently sold through employers, although it can also be purchased directly from an agent. To cover the cost of medical expenditures, this type of life insurance is generally purchased in conjunction with other life and health insurance plans. Aflac Insurance covers more than 50 million people worldwide. Currently, however, there are certain geographical limitations. Although all 50 states are covered, some policy restrictions apply.

Where Are Aflac Checks Mailed From?


If you want your claim money to be transferred directly into your bank account. If you haven’t already done so, Aflac will send you a check from their Columbia, SC office once your claim is paid out.

Does Aflac cover your medical expenses?

Paying Your Bills While You Concentrate on You Even if you are unable to work, the bills continue to pile up. Aflac’s short-term disability insurance policy can assist make a difference in this situation. It’s a regular source of money that can help you pay your bills while you focus on yourself.

How long does Aflac take to direct deposit money?

Your request may take up to two business days to be processed. Your benefits may be paid through the original payment method if you sign up for a direct deposit when your claim is lodged.


Aflac is a great insurance service provider. When it comes to getting your payout, I hope this article has been of help in making the entire process hassle-free. From payout time to how to set up a direct deposit account, we have covered much information.

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