Does Meijer Take Google Pay?

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Does Meijer Take Google Pay?

Yes. Meijer takes Google Pay and other similar digital wallets to aid contactless payment.  All Meijer locations accept Google Pay. Nonetheless, the use of Google Pay as a payment option in all Meijer stores is not new, as the company opened its transaction windows to contactless payment and NFC technology in 2019.

Meijer championed the introduction of the supercenter concept, It is a top location customers go to when looking for food and general merchandise store that allows them to shop for everything they need in just one trip.

However, all these accolades can be considered less admirable if people would have to wait out the long queues while checking out at Meijer store centers.

In this vein, people usually ask whether or not the family-grown businesses support contactless payment like Google Play to support faster and more secure payment.

Does Meijer Take Google Pay
Does Meijer Take Google Pay

Do all Meijer take Contactless Payment?

You can make payments using any mobile wallet while checking out at Meijer stores and even while shopping on their website.

Meijer is one of the largest privately-owned grocery chains in the US, so they are expected to stay afloat in technological trends that keep customers coming back.

While other competing stores like Target and Walmart also support the same line of payment methods, Meijer appears to be significantly larger than Kroger and Target and somewhat larger than Walmart in terms of stores and market pull.

Does Meijer Accept Apple Pay?

Yes, Meijer accepts Apple Pay!

Meijer accepts Apple Pay at the checkout counter and in-store. You can use your iPhone 6 or newer to make purchases.

To use Apple Pay, you’ll need the latest version of iOS, which is available for free on the App Store. To learn how to set up and use Apple Pay, visit the Apple website.

How Do You Use Google Pay At Meijer?

Like other forms of NFC-powered contactless payment, Google Pay offers a convenient way for Andriod users to pay for their shop at Meijer stores and different locations that need transactions by swiping their phones.

Using Google Pay at any Meijer store is similar to using the digital wallet at other stores, restaurants, drive-thru, etc.

The first thing is to set up Google Pay on your Android device.

Setup On Android

Step 1: Download the Google Pay App from the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Sign up by getting started on the app and clicking ‘Set it up

Step 3: Add a preferred card for payment and set one out of the card options as default.

These three steps are not necessary if you’ve used Google wallet or Andriod Pay in the past. When you launch the app on your device, you’d see some of your cards stored there.

There is, however, an option ‘Add new card’ while signing up; you’ll then scroll down & accept the terms & conditions.

Does Meijer Take Google Pay
Does Meijer Take Google Pay

Using Google Pay on Andriod Phone at Meijer

Step 1: As your approach the checkout point, Unlock your phone using your fingerprint or password.

Step 2: You don’t need to open the app on your phone. Position the back of your phone next to the card reader for a few seconds.

Step 3: A blue tick should appear on the screen to confirm that the payment has been made. Fast and easy.

Step 4: If you linked your Google Pay digital wallet to a debit card, you might need to add your PIN or fingerprint verification to authorize the transaction.

Using Android Watch for Google Pay as Meijer

Like how you can make payments with Apple Pay from your Apple Watch, Google Pay account holders can also make payments using their Smartwatch, which supports the digital payment solution.

The first thing when using this method is to ensure that you have Google Pay set up and installed on your phone by following the steps shared earlier.

If you haven’t used Google Pay to make payment through your watch before, you need to swipe down on your watch’s screen and select the ‘Pay’ button.

Afterward, Click ‘Set it up and configure a screen lock with either a pattern, PIN, or password.

To use Google Pay on your watch in Meijer.

Step 1: Approach the Checkout point at the particular Meijer outlet

Step 2: Click the watch screen and Swipe down.

Step 3: Click’ Pay’.

Step 4: Position your watch to the reader. The payment is made.

Does Meijer have Tap to Pay? – Other Payment Methods at Meijer

Does Meijer Take Google Pay
Does Meijer Take Google Pay

All forms of payment methods that allow for a contactless transaction can be referred to as tap To Pay technology as it will only require you to tap your phone or card to make a payment instead of the traditional slot.

Examples of these Tap To Pay solutions are Google pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and other Mobile wallet payment powered by Near Field Communication of devices (NFC) which are all accepted at Meijer stores.

Meanwhile, the Meijer Platinum MasterCard card of the company is the actual definition of its Tap And Pay technology because it includes the functionality of PayPass contactless ‘tap and go’ payments.

Aside from these, the following payment methods are accepted by Meijer in-store:

  1. Cash
  2. Personal Checks
  3. Debit Card
  4. Discover Network
  5. EBT (at selected stores)
  6. Credit Card
  7. Visa
  8. MasterCard

Is there Cashback From Using Google Pay at Meijer?

Cashback does not happen when you use contactless payment services, including Google Play. When you use a debit card or make payment Via check, a cashback can be realized.

For instance, you could get as high as $50 cashback when using debit cards for payment at Meijer, while paying through check can realize a Cashback of around $25.

Payment methods not accepted at Meijer

It is not enough to know the acceptable payment methods at Meijer. Those who haven’t activated or signed up for any contactless payment service at stores might want to look out for other accepted payment methods at the store.

Here are the payment method options that Meijer DO NOT take:

  1. AfterPay
  2. Zip Pay
  3. Money Orders
  4. Cryptocurrency
  5. Klarna
  6. Openbay
  7. QuadPay
  8. Foreign Currency
  9. Foreign Checks
  10. Chamber Bucks
  11. Business Checks
  12. Mall Certificates

What stores like Meijer will take Google Pay?

Meijer may be among the giants in the grocery store industry, but it is not the first and only store accepting contactless payment, including services like Google pay.

If Google pay is the only option you’ve got for payment, and there is no Meijer store around, you can look out for similar stores like Meijer that will also take Google pay.

These establishments include Walmart, Target, Quik Trip, Walgreens, and Publix, among others.

Alternatively, you can utilize the Google Pay app to search for stores nearby that accept such type of payment using your current location. Stores that accept Google Pay will usually showcase the Google Pay logo at the door or window of their stores or will have the Contactless payment symbol on their checkout points in store.

Does Meijer take Venmo?

Does Meijer Take Google Pay
Does Meijer Take Google Pay

It is not stated precisely that Meijer currently takes Venmo as a payment method. I would advise you don’t go to any Meijer store with the sole hope of paying with your Venmo card.

Of course, several stores, ride-sharing, food delivery companies, restaurants, and other merchants take Venmo on the app and Venmo Debit/credit, but Meijer appears not to be among them.

This could be seen as a drawback by loyal users of Venmo because competing stores like Target accept Venmo as payment methods for in-store and online purchases with even a five percent cashback on the purchase.

Does Meijer take Samsung Pay?

Yes. Meijer encourages customers to breeze through checkout without carrying their Meijer Credit Union MasterCard® and Visa® credit cards to shop. 

They allow for Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay, making shoppers make quick and secure purchases without opening their wallets or even an app. 

Does Meijer take Paypal?

Due to the variety of payment options offered at every Meijer store, people quickly assume that the supermarket also accepts PayPal.

Unfortunately, PayPal account users can not pay to shop at Meijer stores since it is not accepted as a payment method both in-store, online, or at Meijer gas stations in 2022. 

Alternatively, Paypal users would have to opt for other available cashless payment options like Apple pay, Google Pay, and Meijer credit and debit cards.

Despite this, many people still have their way of buying groceries with PayPal. This is done by adding your PayPal account to Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

This way, you can use PayPal at any Grocery store that accepts Google Pay or Samsung Pay as a payment method, including Meijer.

Note: Currently, you can not link your PayPal account to your Apple Pay digital wallet.

Does Meijer take Cashapp?

No, Meijer Home Delivery & Pickup does not accept gift cards, WIC, or a Cash-App. Currently, the company is accepting EBT as a payment method for Home Delivery & Pickup.

On contactless payment cards involving solutions like CashApp, Meijer only accepts from MasterCard, American Express, and Visa at all of its locations located in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio.

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