Does KFC Take Google Pay? 

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Does KFC Take Google Pay? Does KFC Take Google Pay? 

Yes, KFC does accept Google Pay. When you’re hungry for some KFC, know that you can use Google Pay through your Android device. You can also pay for your food using Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and other contactless payment methods.

Contactless payments with digital wallets are becoming popular among people who usually go out to eat at restaurants like KFC.

This is because it is more secure than carrying around many cards. Fortunately, KFC offers so many ways to pay for your bills.

The restaurant began rolling out support for digital wallets like Apple Payback in 2016, allowing iPhone users to pay for their food inside KFC restaurants across America and at the drive-thru using Apple Pay.

But, one of the areas that many customers, especially Android phone users, need clarification on is whether KFC takes Google Pay. In this guide, I will give definitive answers to this question and more. Read On

Does KFC Take Google Pay? 
Does KFC Take Google Pay? 

Does KFC Take Google Pay? 

If you don’t have any of these apps installed on your phone, you can still use the KFC website to place an order online and pay with a credit or debit card.

This payment method has been adopted by the restaurant worldwide since 2016 after they rolled out the integration of digital payment with Apple Inc.

It is good that chicken restaurants like KFC restaurants are available in every neighborhood to offer their family buckets to as many homes and provide a wide variety of methods through which customers can pay to get these packages.

I can not count the number of times I have shown up at certain food chains only to discover that they accepted my preferred payment method.

You don’t have to be in such a disappointing situation, too.

I will attempt to put together credible answers to the most pressing questions about paying at KFC, as per the restaurant’s current update, especially for those who use Google Pay.

Does KFC accept Apple Pay?

Yes KFC accepts apple pay and other forms of contactless payments. You can pay for the meal with your Apple Pay phone or wallet, using Touch ID to make sure you’re paying with the right device.

You can also use Apple Pay on iTunes to make a payment to get KFC gift cards. You can buy them in denominations of $10, $25, $50, $100, or $500 and they’ll be sent via email to your email address when they arrive at the store.

Can You Pay With Your Phone At KFC?

Mobile or phone payment options have taken over most transactions today and have expanded their tentacles into the restaurant industry.

KFC is among the popular restaurants that have embraced this innovation. And so, yes, they allow their customers to pay with their phones.

However, this can be done with selected digital wallets, as some payment methods are not accepted yet.

Aside from Google Payphone payment, you can also use the following to pay with your phone when dining or buying that extra crispy at KFC:

  • Android Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Paypal
  • BP Plus Fuel Card
  • VISA
  • VISA Electron
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • Delta
  • American Express

In today’s world, forgetting your wallet at home and suddenly remembering that you need to visit the restaurant to get food no longer sends shockwaves down our spine.

We can perform several payments without our cards or cash, provided with a smartphone.

KFC, along with similar food chains like McDonald’s and Domino’s, are among the restaurants that have embraced this innovation. 

How Do I Use Google Pay At KFC?

Unlike some other payment service, the procedures involved in using Google Pay to pay for your fried chicken at KFC is relatively straightforward.

Luckily, you can use this from your android phone or smartwatch. So we will look at how to use these devices for Google Pay at KFC:

Using Google Pay on Android to pay at KFC:

Does KFC Take Google Pay? 
Does KFC Take Google Pay? 

Setting up:

Ensure you have the Google Play App downloaded on your phone. You can get it from the Google play store. Launch the app, click ‘Get Started’ at the bottom, and then tap on ‘Set it up.

The setup process is not necessary if you have used Google Wallet or Android Pay in the past because some of your cards will be displayed there. 

But if this is your first time, click on ‘Add new card’ and follow the prompts to add your preferred payment card.

You will be directed to accept Google’s terms & conditions for the solution, after which a verification message will be sent to your device. 

Making payments:

Step 1: When you approach the counter, Unlock your phone.

Step 2: Hold the back of your phone next to the card reader for a couple of seconds.

Step 3: You should see a blue tick on your phone screen that serves as confirmation 9f a successful payment. 

It is that simple. However, android users who added a debit card will be required to put in their phone pin/password before the transaction. 

Using Google Pay on Android watch to pay at KFC:

Setting up:

The first step is to ensure Google Pay is set up and installed on your phone, following the steps explained earlier. 

This time, you are making use of your smartwatch. Select the’ Pay’ button to unlock the watch screen and swipe down.

Tap on the ‘Set it up.

You will need to secure this access 2ith a Pin or a password.

The details of your Google Pay on your Andriod will be shared with your watch, enabling you to complete the transaction with your watch only.

Meanwhile, you will have to select the cards you want to use on your watch from your phone during the setup process.

And then, a verification message or email will come after that, indicating you are good to go. 

Making payment:

Using Google Pay on your Andriod watch is much cooler than with Andriod. As you approach the counter at KFC, all you need to do is:

Step 1: Click the watch screen.

 Step 2: Swipe down.

 Step 3: Tap on ‘Pay.’

 Step 4: Hold your watch to the reader to pay, and then the transaction becomes successful. 

Payments Methods not accepted by KFC in 2022

Generally speaking, you can’t make a purchase at KFC with checks or ‘buy now pay later.

If you intend to pay your bills with the following payment method, then KFC is not the restaurant you should go to:

  1. AfterPay
  2.  Zip Pay
  3.  Klarna
  4.  Openpay
  5.  QuadPay

What is the spending limit for Google Pay in KFC?

Spending limitations can be considered a few drawbacks of using digital wallets like Google Pay at restaurants.

Of course, there is a limitation on the value and frequency of transactions you can carry out when using Google pay.

  • When using Google Pay, you have a limit of performing 15 transactions, no matter where. (you don’t eat out 15 times a day, do you?)
  • The maximum amount you can spend in a day from your Google Pay wallet is $2,500.
  • A single transaction from your Google Pay can not exceed $2,000.

But as they say, variety is the spice of life. You won’t be buying every meal you want at KFC. So it would be best if you know a list of other restaurants and establishments that accept Google Pay as KFC does. 

How to know if a restaurant takes Google Pay?

Any restaurants that indicate eligibility for contactless payment should accept Google Pay.

In these compatible stores, you will most likely see stickers on their doors/windows, or signs at their payment terminals, with the Google Pay logos.

Suppose you are new in town. In that case, how do you find stores around that accept Google Pay? It’s simple.

Step 1: After setting up and installing the Google Pay app on your phone, launch the app following the earlier steps.

Step 2: Navigate to the main screen and scroll down to the bottom, where you will see ‘Use Google Pay Nearby’ 

Step 3: Tap ‘See more’ for a longer list of nearby stores that accept Google Pay around your current location. 

Alternatively, you can see Google’s list of supported stores for a general list.

Does KFC take Venmo?

The lack of fees and extra charges coupled with a seamless user experience has made Venmo one of the most widely used money transfer apps.

However, customers who visit KFC or any restaurant can not use direct Venmo as a payment method. But, services like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and GrubHub accepts this payment method.

Meanwhile, the Venmo Card, innovated by the online payment platform, allows users to pay for food in restaurants just as they would with debit cards.

Only that there are just a handful of restaurants out there that accepts the Venmo card as a payment method. Most of them who do are ones 2ho accept Mastercard. 

Does KFC take Samsung pay?

Yes. Kentucky Fried Chicken, 2016, announced its partnership with Google and Samsung to bring Android Pay and Samsung Pay to its restaurants across the U.S.

This allows customers to make payments for their food without cash but using their digital wallets on Google Pay or Samsung pay from their devices.

This wireless payment innovation is also seen in similar establishments like McDonald’s and Macy’s.

The beauty about using Samsung pay in KFC is that you don’t need to open the app or unlock your device to make a payment.

A tap with your phone on the mobile pay location on the turnstile takes it. 

Does KFC take PayPal?

Yes. Paypal is included among the payment methods accepted by Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The popular way PayPal users make payments at KFC is using a digital wallet connected to their PayPal account. However, there are other ways, like using the KFC app or website.

Does KFC take cash apps?

Most Restaurants take Cash App Cards where VISA is accepted and works similar to traditional Credit cards. Luckily, KFC is among those restaurants that allow for this payment method. 

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