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What Stores Accept Google Pay

Google Pay allows you to pay for goods and services with your mobile phone. The service is available on Android devices as well as iPhones, and it’s expanding to other platforms as well. While Google Pay isn’t available everywhere yet, it’s growing in popularity.

Google Pay is currently accepted at more than 5 million locations across the world, including many big-name stores such as Walmart, Best Buy, and Target. If you’re looking to make a purchase in person or online, here are some places where you can use Google Pay:

Best Buy




Chase Bank (including Chase Pay)


Stores: Most major retailers accept Google Pay in the US, including Walmart, Target and Best Buy.

Online stores: Google Pay is also accepted by online stores like Etsy, eBay and Lyft (US only), but not Amazon.

Transit: You can use Google Pay on public transportation systems in Atlanta; Chicago; Las Vegas; Portland (OR); San Francisco Bay Area; Washington D.C.; London (UK); Sydney (AU); Seoul (KR).

Google Pay also works with Android mobile devices, as well as Chromebooks and Chrome browsers.

Here’s how it works:

You can add any credit or debit card from a participating bank to use with Google Pay. You can also add loyalty cards from participating retailers such as Amazon and Ticketmaster. To find out if your favorite stores accept Google Pay, check out the full list of merchants that accept it here.

When you’re ready to buy something online, all you have to do is select “Add Card” on the checkout page and choose which card to use. If you want more information about how this works, check out our guide on using Google Pay for online purchases.

Does Vons Take Google Pay?

Yes, Vons accepts Google Pay. You can use your Google Pay to check out in-store or online. Vons accepts all major credit cards and gift cards and loyalty cards. The adoption of contactless payment is expanding into most Supermarkets, allowing Android device holders to transfer their credit card information over to the point of sale …

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Does Vons Take Google Pay

Does KFC Take Google Pay? 

Yes, KFC does accept Google Pay. When you’re hungry for some KFC, know that you can use Google Pay through your Android device. You can also pay for your food using Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and other contactless payment methods. Contactless payments with digital wallets are becoming popular among people who usually go out to …

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Does KFC Take Google Pay? Does KFC Take Google Pay? 

Does Wendy’s Take Google Pay?

No. Wendy’s restaurant does not accept Google Pay as a payment method. Also, the Dublin-based restaurant chain does not accept similar contactless payment methods like Samsung Pay and Amazon Pay. Wendy’s is one of America’s international fast-food restaurant chains, with over seven million customers in restaurants in all 50 states. The fast-food chain rolled out …

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Does Wendy's Take Google Pay
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