Does Popeyes take Google Pay and Apple Pay?

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Does Popeyes Take Google Play

Yes, Popeyes accept apple pay and google pay, they also accept other forms of contactless payment methods like Samsung pay. But make sure you confirm from the store before trying to pay with google pay or apple pay.

It is a great idea that we can make payments for our bills at restaurants with our mobile devices. This eliminates the need to carry around wallets full of cards. However, knowing where you can use this contactless payment is more important.

If you enjoy eating breakfast at Popeyes restaurant and own an Android device and use contactless payment, and want to know if Popeyes accepts Google Pay, in that case, it may interest you to know that the art of frying chicken is not the only thing that Popeyes has perfected; they also accept cutting-edge technology like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and others.

But does this mean that you can clear your bills at any of the 3,500 Popeyes outlets using your Google Pay digital Wallet? Let’s find out.

Does Popeyes accept Google Pay?

Yes, Popeyes restaurant accepts Google Pay as a viable form of payment In-store only. This began a few years ago, precisely around the fall of 2019, when the food chain simultaneously announced the open window for contactless payments involving innovations like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Does Popeyes Take Google Play?
Does Popeyes Take Google Pay?

Meanwhile, now being a payment alternative across all Popeyes outlets, Google Pay can only be used by customers in their physical restaurants, not on their mobile phone app or official websites.

(Their mobile app doesn’t support other forms of digital payments, anyway!)

In recent years, we have seen popular fast-food chains gravitate toward the adoption of contactless payment solutions, especially following the effect of the global pandemic that necessitated the need for less contact in social gatherings.

It is good that a famous steak house like Popeyes jumped on the trend, which took them a little further ahead of competitors’ similar fast-food chains.

This becomes more convenient for those who do not go to Popeyes on a steady because you can pay through Google Pay at all other outlets instead of installing and setting up multiple apps for each food chain.

How to Pay with Google Pay at Popeyes’

Now that you know you can foot the bill at Popeyes using your mobile device via Google pay, the next line of thought would be to understand how this is done.

Here is how you pay your bill at Popeyes using Google Pay:

  • Get in your favorite Popeyes outlet
  • Register your order.
  • Open the Google Play app on your device 
  • Tap it at the payment gateway.
  • You will receive a confirmation message that alerts a successful transaction.

That’s it!

Suppose you don’t have a Google Pay account yet. Perhaps, this will be your first time trying contactless payment. In that case, you need to first create by doing the following:

Afterward, you can observe the steps mentioned above to complete your payment at Popeyes.

Google Pay is ranked among the top three, sitting comfortably below Apple Pay, with about 140 million individuals leveraging the platform for digital transactions.

Does Popeyes take Apple Pay?

Yes. Popeyes takes Apple Pay. Just like Google pay, the payment solution powered by Apple Inc. It is one of the easiest and most secure payment methods for customers.

This window was opened the same year the company announced the adoption of the Gray payment method through a post on Twitter where a picture of the card reader that showed the acceptance of Apple Pay by the restaurant was uploaded.

However, before you use Apple Pay to foot bills at Popeyes, you have to set up the digital wallet with your basic information and card details, and it can be done via your IOS phone or Watch.

How To with Apple Pay at Popeyes using iPhone

Step 1: unlock your phone using Face ID, Touch ID, or Passcode

Step 2: Hold your Apple device near the contactless payment reader terminal until you get notified.

Step 3: A green checkmark on the payment reader will be displayed

Step 4: Press the ‘Done’ button on your iPhone home screen to confirm your consent over the payment.

How to With Apple Pay at Popeyes Using an Apple Watch

Step 1: Type your Passcode to unlock your Apple Watch

Step 2: Place your Apple Watch towards the payment reader terminal

Step 3: Hold it steadily until it gives you a notification to press “Done” on the watch screen.

Does Popeyes Have a Tap To Pay For Drive-Thru?

Does Popeyes Take Google Play
Does Popeyes Take Google Pay?

Another area of confusion that many new Popeyes customers ask on popular forums is whether or not the food chain accepts tap-to-pay, especially for their drive-thru.

The catch here is that Tap to Pay is synonymous with contactless payment, which can include digital wallets like Google pay or Apple Pay, and debits/credit cards that can be placed 1 or 2 inches away from the payment gateway machine to complete the transaction.

Popeyes has a drive-through system and curbside pickups, and they all accept Google Pay as an alternative payment option to Tap To Pay. In other words, you can place your order and pay through Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or Apple Pay digital wallet when your order is ready.

The fast-food chain also embraces Google pay to place orders from its outlets via popular delivery services like Doordash, Uber Eats, Grubhub, and others that accept Google Pay for orders.

So, if you are not going to the physical store but would love to place an order online through delivery services, you can select your favorite items, like the Google Pay option, and then complete the transaction.

Popeyes Alternatives That Accept Google Pay

Among the food chains similar to Popeyes with which you may pay with Google pay include Jamba Juice, Jersey Mike’s, Jimmy John’s, Baskin Robbins, McDonald’s, and White Castle.

Gray is accepted in many fast-food chains around than you think. Any food chain that indicates the adoption of contactless payments should accept Google Pay.

Usually, these restaurants will make this known with the Gray logo on their door or windows.

Alternatively, you can go to your Google Pay App on your phone to access a list of Google Pay eligible stores nearby as per your current location.

Does Popeyes Take Google Play
Does Popeyes Take Google Pay

It’s a wrap

Popeyes fast-food outlets accept Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay as contactless payment options. This allows customers who have no physical cash to still enjoy the various offerings of the restaurant by tapping their device at the payment counter.

Similar fast-food giants are seeing this as an opportunity to retain and pull new customers, leveraging the huge customer base of Google Pay (over 200 million), Samsung Pay (about 100 million), and Apple Pay (more than 300 million) individuals.

Does Popeyes take Venmo?

Popeyes is among the most popular restaurants in America, and considering that it accepts debit cards, you’ll be able to use your Venmo card at Popeyes without any issues. Similar restaurants where you can use Venmo include:

  • Mcdonald’s 
  • Wendy’s
  • Chick-Fil-A
  • Five Guys
  • Papa John’s 
  • Dominoes
  • Katz’ Deli
  • Halal Guys
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken

You can order food with Venmo Card or pay in restaurants with Venmo directly via scanning the QR codes in some of these restaurants. The QR codes are usually provided at the restaurant’s checkout counter.

Venmo is an accepted payment method on DoorDash, Uber Eats, and GrubHub for placing online others. One particularly interesting advantage of the latter is that users can split the bill with friends using Venmo but do not apply to in-restaurant purchases.

Does Popeyes take PayPal?

You can use PayPal as a payment method at restaurants either with the food chain’s app or website or through a dedicated digital wallet. It is not outrightly written that PayPal is accepted by Popeyes restaurant, but you can use it to pay your bills by linking it to your Google Pay Wallet.

Most fast-food chains, food delivery, and restaurants accept PayPal as a payment method, including Burger King, Chick-fil-A, Dunkin’, Firehouse Subs, Jimmy John’s, Hardee’s, KFC, and Little Caesars, McDonald’s, among others.

If you add your PayPal account to Google Pay or Samsung Pay, you will be able to make payments at Popeyes outlets because the food chain accepts Google Pay or Samsung Pay as a payment method.

Meanwhile, Apple Pay users can’t add PayPal to their mobile wallets.

Does Popeyes take cash app?

Some Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen restaurants take Cash App, but some don’t. So, it largely depends on the location. Before you order food at Popeyes using Cash App, make sure the restaurant you make an order at supports the Cash App payment method.

The best way to ensure this is to find the local Popeyes restaurant on Map and call them to clarify.

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