Does Circle K Take Apple Pay?

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Does Circle K Take Apple Pay

Yes, Circle K takes Apple Pay but not all locations will have the option available. You can use the Apple Pay app to find, Check for the Apple Pay Logo at the store or ask the cashier to find out which location near you has the technology to accept your payment. And since Circle K has stores across America, you would be able to find one no matter where you live!

Circle K is a multi-national and world-leading fuel station and convenience store chain with outlets in more than twenty countries and territories. It is only fitting that Apple Pay be implemented in the store to improve the customers’ comfort. 

Implementing Apple Pay for any purchases can be a little demanding, as the process of setting it up is distinct. However, we will explore the various strategies in this article and the benefits of using Apple Pay in Circle K stores.

Does Circle K Take Apple Pay
Does Circle K Take Apple Pay

How does Apple Pay work with Circle K?

Apple Pay is widely accepted and utilized by numerous users. In addition, Apple Pay, as a digital payment system, allows for seamless integration and payment of funds by the users using the card or mobile wallet. Opportunely, Apple Pay is solely made for iOS users. The payment platform is used through the iOS application software and the website.

Rightly said, it is only advantageous for Circle K to make good use of such a payment platform to increase the comfortability of the customers and, as such, make it easier for the customers to pay for funds in a Circle K store.

Aside from that, Circle K provides individuals with fuel and other store commodities. Individuals should be able to pay for the items purchased in the best way convenient to them. Apple Pay provides a convenient means for people to complete the payment operation through a contactless system.

How To Pay With Apple Pay At Circle K

Once you have successfully connected the Apple Pay wallet to your bank card, and as long as you have ample funds, you can use your contactless point-of-system to make purchases, sales, bills, and other functions.

Method 1

Follow these steps to use Apple pay to sort out purchases made in an approved Circle Store using iPhone or Apple Watch.

Step 1: Choose your preferred device, and unlock your iPhone or Apple watch.

Step 2: Choose your preferred card for the purchase.

Step 3: Hold your iPhone or Apple Watch over the terminal or payment reader of the store.

Step 4- Hold the device over the reader until you see it Done, a checkmark for the iPhone device, and a beep sound for the Apple Watch.


  • The store must be approved and enabled to collect payment from the contactless point-of-system. Look out for the symbols or ask a worker in the store. 
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Image Source: Apple Support

  • You have to have the Apple Pay app on your device to use this method.
  • If the reader does not identify your device fast, try changing position or distance.
  • Apple Pay also creates a virtual card for users to employ for online payments.

Method 2

You can also use Apple Pay through the website on safari or an in-app in the store. For this method, all you have to do is;

Step 1: Go to the Apple Pay website or app.

Step 2: Choose your payment card or change to another if preferred. If a prompt message follows which instigates you to put your necessary card details, do this accordingly. However, your card details can be stored for future reference.

Step 3: Confirm the payment purchase through your personalized confirmation method.

Step 4- Once confirmed successfully, you will be notified by the pop message Done and a Checkmark

Note: Ensure your card details are appropriately inputted and use an excellent local service network to avoid network interference.

Circle K Payment Options

  • Easy Pay

Easy Pay is an exclusive payment method for customers who usually shop at Circle K. This allows them to save money, enjoy some advantageous benefits, and still purchase their desired products. For more information on Easy Pay and how to apply for it, check out their website.

Circle K provides customers the opportunity to complete their purchases with exclusive fleet cards and gift cards. Customers can purchase the Circle K Fleet Card for local businesses and the Circle K Universal Fleet Card for businesses. You can also purchase Circle K Gas & Gift Cards at an affordable rate.

Google Pay is also a contactless point-of-system, and it is accepted at all Circle K stores.

How Does Apple Pay Work?

Does Circle K Take Apple Pay
Does Circle K Take Apple Pay

The contactless point-of-system can be connected to numerous iOS devices such as;

  • iPhone
  • Apple Watch
  • iPad/Mac

However, it is essential to note that the device in question has to be compatible with the regulations associated with the Apple Pay payment system. These regulations are;

If all these regulations are met, you can easily set up your Apple Pay system on iOS, watchOS, iPad, or macOS.

Note: Setting up your Apple Pay account on any device is relatively easy. All you have to do is follow the prompt messages and add your bank card details to your apple pay wallet to use it for further funding/purchases.

To add your bank card details to your Apple Pay, follow the five easy steps below. 

Step 1: Open the Wallet app, or go to the wallet webpage on the website.

Step 2: Look out for an “add” sign.

Step 3: Click on it, then click on Debit or Credit Card.

Step 4 – Click on Continue

Step 5: Follow the remaining steps to add your credit or debit card details. Choose your bank, verify your bank details, add external devices, and follow other prompt messages you get in this process.

For other devices, they also take up similar procedures. The one thing that differentiates it is the search for the wallet “add” sign and the process of getting to the Apple Pay wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions on “DOES-CIRCLE-K-TAKE-APPLE-PAY”

Can I pay with Apple Pay at Circle K?

Definitely! You can pay for your purchases in Circle K through your Apple Pay wallet. However, this is only available for specific Circle K store locations, and not all. 

Search for any Circle K store closest to you.

Does Circle K take Apple Pay for gas?

Circle K does take Apple Pay for gas payments, but this is only available for some Circle K stores and not all.

Where is Apple Pay accepted?

Apple Pay works in any shop, restaurant, hotel, store, etc. And as long as these places accept contactless point-of-systems like Apple Pay.

How do I use Apple Pay at Circle K pump?

You can set up your Apple Pay wallet by adding your credit or debit bank card. You can put your device over the payment reader and allow it to scan your payment in the store. 

Final Note

Apply Pay is swift, reliable, and a securable means for individuals to send and receive money seamlessly. Your purchases at Circle K stores can be effortlessly paid through Apple Pay.

I hope this article helps you realize the unlimited opportunity and various aspects of Apple Pay and Circle K.

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