Does SHEIN Take Apple Pay

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Does SHEIN Take Apple Pay

No, Shein DOES NOT take Apple Pay. Shein, however, accepts up to ten other payment methods such as Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Afterpay, American Express, Paypal, and so much more. This information is accurate as of April 2022. You can check Shien’s site for any updated changes.

Apple Pay is a payment method by apple inc, and Although not as widely used as other forms of payment, Apple Pay is accepted at a growing number of online and brick-and-mortar stores. If you are wondering whether SHEIN accepts Apple Pay, here is what I found after quick research:

As a profitable online shop, it is only ideal for Shein to create a convenient means for its customers to shop and complete purchases online. However, it is found that Shein is boundless. We will explore the payment option for Shein companies outside the country and in the US.

Does SHEIN Take Apple Pay
Does SHEIN Take Apple Pay

How To Pay On Shein: Accepted Payment Methods

The list of accepted payment options on Shein are;

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Maestro
  • American Express
  • Discover Network
  • Diners Club
  • PayPal
  • Afterpay
  • Klarna
  • Zip

Check Shein’s webpage for more information.

However, the listed credit cards (1 – 6) are the accepted payment method that Shein does take. However, suppose your Credit card is not listed here. In that case, the company encourages individuals in this category to make payments through it. 

Additionally, customers can use the companies’ coupons or bonus points when checking out with any payment option. However, there is a compulsory Sales & Use Tax charge on all purchases for all states in the United States.

Can Shein Apple Pay be used in any country?

Shein is an online Chinese company that specializes in varieties of clothing. However, the Shein company has grown into an international company that works with over one hundred and fifty (150) countries, including the Middle East, all European Countries, America, and Australia. 

In the light of these circumstances, it is essential to note that Shein does not take Apple Pay at all, regardless of the country or region. Therefore, if you find yourself wondering, ‘Can I use Apple Pay on Shein?’, you should understand that it is not. Still, there are ten other payment options available for use on Shein.  

Does SHEIN Take Apple Pay
Does SHEIN Take Apple Pay

How To use Apple Pay on Shein

You can not use Apple Pay on Shein because it is not accepted among other payment methods on the Shein website. However, you can use Apple Pay in other online or offline stores that accept a contactless point-of-system.  

You can set up your Apple Pay wallet through the application software. Check out the video version here.

Method 1: How to use Apple Pay on iOS devices.

Step 1: Unlock your phone and move to your wallet Apple Pay app.

Step 2: Search for the “plus” on the page, and click on it. This is to link your credit or debit card to the Wallet app. You can achieve this by visibly snapping your card to scan it or inputting it manually.

Step 3: Once you have added your card details to the wallet app on your iPhone, it is easy to verify it on that device and other devices such as Apple Watches, Mac, and iPad.

Step 4: You can use your Apple Pay in any store, restaurant, cab, etc. All you have to do is, if your device has a Face ID or passcode security lock, double-tap the side button and verify the payment by registering your face or entering the passcode. However, if it’s a device with Touch ID, do your thing as well.

Step 5: Once you’ve done Step 4, click on the screen to add a different card or choose the card already in the wallet app.

Step 5: Place your device over the payment reader until it is done and you see a Checkmark or feel a beep sound for Apple Watch.

Method 2: How to use Apple Pay within Apps Online

You can also use Apple Pay to purchase products or services within many apps. You could also use it to purchase items on various websites through Safari.

All you have to do here is click on “Buy with Apple Pay” once you see it within other apps or websites. Input your billing details if required, and process the payment.


  • Ensure you are using a compatible iOS device for both methods, and you must sign in your Apple ID on that device.
  • The user’s country or region of residence must accept Apple Pay. Check whether your country is in support of Apple Pay here.

Online Clothing Stores That Accept Apple Pay

Shein Company does not have apple pay as an acceptable payment option, but this does not prevent other online clothing stores from using this contactless point-of-system.

Examples of these online clothing stores are;

Other online stores, websites, and apps that take Apple Pay are;

There are lots of online stores that take Apple Pay as an acceptable means of payment. If you are unsure whether a store, website, or app accepts contactless point-of-system like Apple Pay, look for the symbol in the store, website, or app.

The symbol would look just like this;

A clear pictorial description that answers the question, "Does Shein Take Apple Pay?"

Image Source: Apple Support

Alternatively, you can search for the location of such a store on Map and then check the location details. If you find the Apple Pay symbol in the location’s details, then the store accepts Apple Pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you pay with Apple Pay on Amazon?

Yes, Apple Pay is fully supported by Amazon payment services.

Where is Apple Cash accepted?

Apple cash is accepted anywhere contactless point-of-system is accepted, just like Apple Pay. You can also use Apple Cash to send money through iMessage. 

Can you use Apple Pay at an ATM?

Yes! You can use your Apple Pay on any cardless ATM. The ATM has to accept contactless point-of-system. The symbol is usually displayed at ATM stands.

Can I use Apple Pay at Walmart?

Walmart does not support Apple Pay. They have other payment options such as Walmart pay, Mastercard, Visa, Cash, Paypal, etc.

Does Shein accept cash?

No! Unfortunately, Shein does not accept cash on delivery. Customers can either pay online or make cash payments to a retailer or intermediary.

What’s the limit of Apple Pay?

Apple Pay has no limit. You can shop, pay bills, and shop as much as possible with Apple Pay. Once you’ve linked your card and completed the verification process successfully, you can use your money as you deem fit without any restrictions.

Can you withdraw cash with Apple Pay?

Unluckily, no. You can not withdraw cash with Apple Pay. Instead, use Apple Pay to purchase any product or service online.

Why is my Apple Pay declining?

Your Apple Pay might be declining because you did not link your bank card appropriately, or there might be something amiss with your bank card. If not, add a new payment card and follow the steps in this article. 

If you are trying to make a payment, place your device over the payment reader, and try moving from your previous position or moving closer or farther from the reader.

Final Note

Now that we have explored the varieties that come with using Apple Pay. I hope you’ve learned a lot from this article and had so much reading it. Feel free to leave out a comment or question.

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