Does Blaze Pizza Take Apple Pay

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Does Blaze Pizza Take Apple Pay

Yes, Blaze Pizza takes Apple Pay, but in-store only. They do not accept orders made online or in-app. This information is accurate as of April 2022; If you would like to use Apple Pay to complete a pizza order at Blaze Pizza, you have to be at the store to use it. Check their website for updated changes.

Cash payment is moving extinct. Now I find myself wondering if Blaze Pizza does accept apple pay. The payment process is usually fast with Apple Pay, so it is preferred.

However, when it comes to Blaze Pizza, one of the best in town, rest assured that there are numerous other convenient ways to place an order. We are going to explore these ways descriptively later in this article.

Does Blaze Pizza accept Apple Pay?

Does Blaze Pizza Take Apple Pay
Does Blaze Pizza Take Apple Pay

Blaze Pizza is a privately owned company, currently managed by Mandy Shaw as the Company’s CEO. The company was founded in 2009 and specialized in varieties of baked pizzas that suit individuals’ taste buds or desires. It currently has its branches in over three hundred locations worldwide.

However, the developed fast-food restaurant accepts different modes of payment, even contactless point-of-system, but seems to restrict Apple Pay’s payment process slightly.

Blaze Pizza takes Apple Pay

In essence, Blaze Pizza does take Apple Pay, but only if the payment process is transacted in the store. 

When you want to use Apple Pay in Blaze Pizza Store, you have to use the usual “scan the reader “method. We are going to discuss this method later in this article.

How to use Apple Pay at Blaze Pizza 

You have understood that Blaze Pizza does take Apple Pay but only when used in the restaurant store. Therefore, you need to have any of your Apple devices whenever you plan on using Apple Pay in Blaze Pizza restaurant.

However, the first thing you need to do is;

Step 1: Download the Apple Pay wallet app.

Step 2: Go to the app once the download is completed. Search for the “plus” sign on the screen. Click on it, and then add your bank card details as requested. 

Step 3: Verify your bank details. You can add other iOS devices once verification is complete.

Step 4: To use your Apple Pay wallet at Blaze Pizza, open your phone, and place it above the payment reader in the restaurant. Allow your phone or other devices to be scanned with the payment reader, and once done, you will see a pop-up notification.


  • Ensure you are logged in to your Apple ID before registering with the Apple wallet app.
  • Ensure you use an iOS device that is compatible and up to date.
  • Also, make sure your country supports apple pay. Check to see if your country does support apple pay
  • Check out the video version here.

Other Blaze Pizza Payment Options

Here is the list of payment methods accepted in Blaze Pizza;

Note: Tax and tip fees are usually included in every order when ordering online. This is to give back to the employer, and it is not optional.

You can also open a blaze pizza account for free to be eligible for the Blaze Pizza Reward. You can either Log in or Sign up, provided that you have no previous account with the company.

How much does Blaze pizza pay?

The fast-food restaurant also offers Blaze Rewards, where customers can spend money and earn flame points, making them eligible for various commodities. Check out this page for more information on how it works. However, the main point is that you have to be a returning customer at Blaze Pizza to enjoy these rewards.

With the Blaze reward program, Blaze does give back a significant amount of money but converts it into edible form. As a returning customer, you get to earn 1 point over every $1 spent and can be eligible for free pizza, drinks, desserts, etc

Where Can I Use Apple Pay?

You can use Apple Pay in stores such as Adidas, Urban Outfitters, UberEATS, IKEA, Zoom, etc. And examples of restaurants that accept Apple Pay are Dominos, Blaze Pizza, McDonald’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Dunkin’ Donuts, Taco Bell, Starbucks, KFC, and a host of others.

How do I know if they accept Apple Pay?

If a store or restaurant accepts Apple Pay, search for the Apple Pay symbol or NFC tap in the store. And if Maps is used on a store location, you should be able to know from the details if Apple Pay is accepted in such a store.

Can I Order Pizza With Apple Pay?

You can make a Blaze Pizza order through Apple Pay only in the store and not online or through the app.

Does Blaze Pizza Accept Ebt

Last we checked, Blaze Pizza does not accept Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT). This electronic system allows individuals to use the benefit of food-related payments to complete a transaction. Although Apple Pay is restricted in Blaze Pizza, it does not take the EBT system of payment in any way.

However, examples of restaurants that accept Electronic Benefits Transfer EBT are; 

Does Blaze Pizza Deliver

Blaze Pizza offers third-party delivery when people order from their site or app. This third-party delivery also depends on whether the store offers such a delivery process. Aside from this, all that is left is Pickup/Curbside

Does Blaze Pizza Have Gluten-Free

Blaze Pizza does offer gluten-free pizza to customers. All you have to do is order a gluten-free pizza from their menu, and you can also add any special instructions on the preparation of the pizza.

Does Blaze Pizza Have Cauliflower Crust?

Cauliflower is on the menu at Blaze Pizza. All you have to do is place an order and specify what you would like for your pizza in a precise manner.

Does Blaze Pizza Take Cash?

Blaze Pizza accepts cash payments transacted in the store.

Does Blaze Pizza Take Disney Gift Cards?

Does Blaze Pizza Take Apple Pay
Does Blaze Pizza Take Apple Pay

From our current findings, Blaze Pizza does not take Disney cards. You can, however, check the website for updated changes.

Is Blaze Pizza A Good Place To Work

Blaze Pizza is hiring! They pay a sufficient amount of money to the workers depending on your job role. If you are thinking of working in any Blaze Pizza restaurant, you can check out this page and fill out the form when ready. It would indeed be worth the while if you get to work at Blaze Pizza.

Do I Need To Open My Wallet To Use Apple Pay?

You do not have to open your wallet app before using Apple Pay to pay bills, expenses, or send money. All transactions are recorded in the wallet app.

Is Blaze Pizza Considered Fast Food?

The average time needed to make pizza in this restaurant is 30 minutes. Blaze Pizza can be considered a fast food restaurant because of the speed of baking a pizza. The “fast-fire’d” heated up to 900F and needed about three minutes to bake. Depending on your preferred ingredients, you can have your order completed in a few minutes.

Is Blaze Pizza Unhealthy?

Blaze Pizza offers nutritional food that can increase the essential metabolism in the human body. They offer pizzas based solely for vegans, people on a diet, plant-based diet, Gluten-free, pasteurized dairy, soy-free, and so much more. 

Does Blaze Pizza Pay Weekly?

This depends on the employer and employee agreement and job position. Head down to the job page, and try to convince your employer after applying to pay your salary weekly.

List Of Payment Methods Not Accepted At Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza does not take Cryptocurrency payments, Amazon Pay, PayPal, Payoneer, Alipay, Shop Pay, After Pay, and Zip.

I made this list on the 26th of April, 2022. Check the site for updated changes.

List Of Restaurants That Do Not Take Apple Pay

Examples of these restaurants are; Burger King, Subway, CookOut, Red Lobsters, and more.

Can You Use Apple Pay At An Atm?

You can use Apple Pay at any ATM that accepts cardless points-of-system. 


I hope this article helps you to find the answer to your question that bothers on “Does Blaze Pizza Take Apple Pay?”. All points have been curatively organized. However, if you have a question or opinion, feel free to chip it in immediately.

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