Does Wendy’s Take Google Pay?

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Does Wendy's Take Google Pay

No. Wendy’s restaurant does not accept Google Pay as a payment method. Also, the Dublin-based restaurant chain does not accept similar contactless payment methods like Samsung Pay and Amazon Pay.

Wendy’s is one of America’s international fast-food restaurant chains, with over seven million customers in restaurants in all 50 states.

The fast-food chain rolled out mobile payment capabilities to as much as 85 percent of its U.S in the wake of 2014, allowing customers to download the My Wendy’s mobile app available on Apple and Android devices – and load money onto it so that when they a restaurant, they give a six-digit code to the cashier, and the purchase amount is deducted from their balance.

However, there are only selected payment methods accepted for this transaction. And so, it has been a frequently asked question of Andriod users: Does Wendys’ website take Google Pay for payment?

Unfortunately, As of May 2022, the answer is not yet.

Does Wendy’s Take Google Pay?

You will be able to use Google play when the restaurant begins to accept these contactless payment methods.

Meanwhile, Google Pay is the fast, easy, and secure way to pay on sites, apps, and stores using the cards saved to your Google Account.

So, the inability to accept payment using this method takes a toll on Wendy’s customers who use android phones.

However, payment with Google play is not the only area that many customers need clarification.

In the rest of this article, I will touch on some of Wendy’s customers’ frequently asked questions that revolve around payment and a well-detailed answer as per the current update on Wendy’s website. 

What Forms Of Payment Does Wendy’s Accept?

The traditional fishing pattern in the change holder when visiting Wendy’s is well behind us.

Wendy’s is now open to the most common payment method. But there are exceptions.

For example, Wendy’s accepts MasterCard, Credit Cards, Cash, and Chack. However, there is another payment method can customers can use when eating out at any Wendy’s franchise. These methods include:

  • Discover cards
  • American Express cards
  • Debit cards
  • Wendy’s gift card
  •  Visa cards
  •  Prepaid cards
  •  Cash

How to Pay with google pay at Wendy’s – Ops!

It may be not very reassuring to realize that Wendy’s does not accept Google Pay, so knowing how to use this payment method at the restaurant is not necessary for now.

However, if you use an android device, there is a list of major stores that accept Google Pay. Usually, stores where this payment method is eligible will have one of these logos:

On how to use Google Pay, all you have to do is no

Step 1: Install or open the app on your android phone.

Step 2: Follow the steps to step up the app.

Step 3: Add a card

Step 4: Check out at any eligible store or restaurant by holding the back of the phone close to the payment terminal until you see a blue checkmark or use it on the store website. 

Does Wendy’s accept Mobilepay?

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Does Wendy's Take Google Pay? 6

MobilePay is a payment method similar to most other payment solutions, and it covers all the users’ payment needs, including easy online payments.

It allows users to swipe and pay when dining in their favorite store without the need for card or account details.

Then fully, Wendy’s fast-food chain takes mobile pay, allowing customers to pay at Wendy’s using their smartphones.

Mobile Pay is a popular payment solution allowed in most fast-food restaurants nowadays.

When using MobiblePay at fast-food restaurants like Wendy’s, you want to ensure you’ve installed the MobilePay app, registered your mobile phone number, and connected to enable you to Pay a specific restaurant according to the restaurant’s condition. 

Does Wendy’s take Apple Pay?

iPhone device users who want to pay using their iPhone at Wendy’s may wonder why Wendy’s takes Apple Pay?

Sadly, Wendy’s does not accept Apple Pay as a payment method at the time of writing 2022.

In other words, you can not use Apple Pay at Wendy’s just as you can’t use Google Pay as an Andriod user.

The restaurant, however, accepts Visa cards, Discover cards, Wendy’s gift cards, and other payment methods listed earlier. This is quite surprising because most well-known restaurants already have Apple Pay. 

The foot chain explained that they do not accept contactless payment methods for now, under which payment solutions like Google Play and Apple pay fall.

Although, similar establishments like Au Bon Pain, Baskin-Robbins, Chick-fil-A., Coca-Cola Vending., and El Pollo Loco accept apple pay. 

Does Wendy’s take Venmo?

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The Venmo app allows you to make payments after connecting your bank or card. Venmo users can also receive money from someone who clicks on Venmo. Username after adding a bank or card. 

Wendy’s does not currently accept Venmo as a payment method, and the same is that of other giant fast-food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King.

However, You can use all major debit and credit cards in McDonald’s.

So many restaurants out there are not accepting Venmo as payment at this time, given that there is not even a direct payment option offered through Venmo.

Meanwhile, Venmo has a Venmo card used at restaurants the same way you can use a debit card.

Places like The 21 Future, The Foot Locker company, Grubhub, Hollister, and Hulu accept Venmo as a payment method option.

So far, only “GrubHub” and “Uber Eats” accept Venmo for paying with their payment accounts in terms of restaurants. Both establishments also allow friends to split the bill of their purchase using Venmo. 

Does Wendy’s take Samsung pay?

With Samsung Pay, you can purchase at several stores, online stores, and through several restaurant apps using your phone or smartwatch.

Unfortunately, Samsung users can not leverage this for paying at Wendy’s because the restaurant does not accept contactless payment methods under which Samsung pay is found.

Aside from Wendy’s, some retailers do not accept Samsung Pay either. These include Amazon, DoorDash, Grubhub, Instacart, Postmates, Qdoba, Sephora, Shipt, TickPick, and even Wish’s online shopping platform. 

Places that accept Samsung Pay are gas stations such as BP, Circle K, and Speedway; and grocery stores like Kroger and Whole Foods.

If you want to use Samsung pay each time you go out to eat, you’d want to consider other restaurants like Applebee’s and Olive Garden since they accept the payment solution.

Also, retailers like Target and Walmart embrace the payment option.

As with google pay and apple pay, Sansung pay makes it easy to pay with your phone at places you’d normally use a physical credit or debit card.

Assuming Wendy accepts Samsung pay, all Samsung device holders will need to do after each purchase is tapped their phone or watch to make a contactless payment, and away you go.

Wendy’s move to accept online payment via its app was a huge push by the fast-food chain to court younger customers by tapping into the attachment they have to their phones.

Sadly, this innovative effort is yet to cover the demographics of people who enjoy using Samsung pay. 

Does Wendy’s take PayPal?

PayPal is being used as an alternate payment method in many major restaurants. However, not everyone is participating in this change.

Following our FAQ research, customers wanted to know about payment options, questions like Can I pay with PayPal at Wendy’s? Does Wendys’ website take PayPal for payment? Can I pay at with PayPal credit? It came up as commonly asked.

Sadly, Wendy’s is not among restaurants that have an affiliation with PayPal payment.

Restaurants that accept PayPal will usually have the logo arranged with the list of their preferred ordering system.

You will see an option for PayPal-affiliated restaurants during a website or app order.

Suppose you are limited to the choice of using PayPal as payment for eating out, then there are alternatives from Wendy’s that you can try.

Restaurants like Burger King, Chick-fil-A, Dunkin’, Firehouse Subs, Jimmy John’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Little Caesars, McDonald’s, and even Subway accept PayPal as a payment method.

While some of these establishments embrace the payment solution for online Online and in-app, others embrace it for Android Pay and Samsung Pay, while some both.

One can use a PayPal account to pay at a restaurant, but the most common approach is using a digital wallet connected to your PayPal account. At the same time, some restaurant apps will allow you to use their app or website. 


Making a payment with Google play has become the norm for the most popular places to eat globally.

But some restaurants are yet to embrace this, and wendy’s is among that establishments.

This is mainly because the fast-food chain has yet to integrate contactless payment options that will allow Google Pay, Apple Pay, and the like.

Since similar fast-food giants are accepting these payment methods already, it indicates that Wendy’s will be making the big announcement soon. 

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