M&S gift card pin scratched off

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M&S gift card pin scratched off

If your M&S gift card code is scratched off, you will need to contact customer support. However, there is a high chance that you won’t be able to get a replacement because they explicitly state that they won’t be held accountable for gift cards damaged by you. 

You can use gift cards and e-gift cards in all M&S stores in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, and the Channel Islands, as well as online at marksandspencer.com. This includes BP Connect stores and international retailers but not outlets, Simply Food and Moto service stations, hospitals, airport and train station stores, or M&S cafés. So, if you are planning to trade or mine Bitcoin, then you may visit Chain Reaction app and register now

M&S gift card pin scratched off
M&S gift card pin scratched off

How To Redeem Your Scratched Off M&S Gift Card.

In this section, we will be looking at the various ways you can redeem your M&S gift card. Without any further delay, let’s get right into the details. 

1. Scan Bar Code.

You could say that the relevance of the bar code shines when your card is damaged. That is if the bar code is not damaged too. Scanning the barcode of your damaged gift card will allow you to redeem it. Gift cards come with distinct bar codes that contain unique information within them.

This information can be used to identify the card, check the card balance, or even redeem it. 

2. Contact Customer Support.

While there might be various options for redeeming scratched-off gift cards, customer support will be your best bet. When contacting M&S customer care, you need to be able to provide details like;

  • Serial number
  • Receipt
  • Bank statement (when necessary)

You might also be required to scan the card and have it sent to customer support. Why? Having it sent to customer support will give them an idea of just how damaged your gift card is. 

3. Return The Gift Card To The Store.

This can only be an option if you bought your card at a physical store. Depending on the store’s gift card or return policy, you might be able to receive a refund or replacement. 

As a claim or proof of ownership, you will be required to present your receipt when visiting the store. If the attendant isn’t knowledgeable about how to deal with damaged gift cards, talking to a manager is also an option. 

M&S gift card pin scratched off
M&S gift card pin scratched off

Why Is Your M&s Gift Card Not Working Online?

Your gift card might not work online for the following reasons.

1. Low Gift Card Balance 

Gift cards do not contain an infinite pool of funds. When the money contained in them is low or finished, you will have to get a new one. If you try to make a purchase that is valued at more than how much you have left on your gift card, you will get an error message.

Keeping tabs on your balance is important for avoiding such issues. Continue reading to find out how to check your gift card balance at ease. 

2. Incorrect details 

Issues with incorrect details pop up a lot. especially during the checkout or redemption process. When incorrect details are provided in any of these important processes, your transaction won’t go through. To prevent this issue, you simply need to cross-check your details according to their required fields before submitting them.

3. The car has already been used.

In the situation where the gift card has already been used by another account, you won’t be able to use the gift card. All you need to do is contact customer support. They will be able to verify if the card has not been used already. While customer support might not be able to retrieve the money on the gift card, you might be able to get a replacement.

M&S gift card pin scratched off
M&S gift card pin scratched off

How To Activate An M&S Gift Card Online.

  • Check the gift card front or back to find the URL.
  • In your search bar, enter the provided URL exactly as it appears.
  • Type in the ID, activation, and/or PIN numbers.
  • If you received a virtual card or eGift, use the activation code that was emailed to you.
  • To prevent theft, register your card online or over the phone.

How To Check M&S Gift Card Balance.

On the M&S website, under “check balance” under My Account, you can view the balance of your gift card. Additionally, in the UK and Channel Islands, you can call 0333 014 8443 to check your balance. 

Local charges are applicable; however, mobile prices may differ. By displaying your barcode to the cashier to be scanned, you can also check your balance in-store.

M&S gift card pin scratched off
M&S gift card pin scratched off

Where Is The 5 Digit PIN On An M&S Gift Card?

On the back of the gift card, in the bottom right corner, you should find your pin number. The pin number is sent in the email along with the complete e-gift card number if you have an e-gift card. Please email us with a picture of the gift card’s back or screen capture of your e-gift card if you are unable to find your pin number.

Can I Buy Food With My M&S Gift Card?

Your gift card can be used to purchase food. There is no doubt that M&S gift cards give you access to a good selection of seasoned foods. Regardless of your preferences, there is something out there for you. 

These cards are redeemable wherever M&S is accepted, so both large and small businesses can use them in shops, eateries, online and over the phone. 

M&S gift card pin scratched off
M&S gift card pin scratched off

How Long Do Marks & Spencer Gift Cards Last?

M&S gift cards are only good for 24 months after activation or the last transaction, which includes checking the balance. In the event that the validity period expires, any remaining amount will be canceled.

What is the difference between a gift card and an e-gift card?

1. Gift card

Gift cards, which are credit card-sized and may be loaded or filled up with a value of between £1 and £1,000 (£500 online), are available for use both online and in physical stores. 

They are still valid for 24 months after the final transaction (which includes balance inquiries). You can order them to be sent as a gift right to the receiver. Gift cards can be used in part or in full as payment online using the 16 or 19-digit card number and four or five-digit PIN, or in-store using the bar code.

2. E-gift cards

E-gift cards In order to use them online or in stores, e-gift cards can be loaded or topped up with a value of between £10 and £500. The latest transaction (which includes balance inquiries) determines their validity, which is 24 months from that point.

With just a working email address, you may order them to be delivered directly to the person you’re giving them to or to yourself. Using the 16 or 19-digit card number and a four- or five-digit PIN, e-gift cards can be used as partial or full payment online. They can also be used in-store by printing the e-gift card out and scanning the bar code.


Has this article been of help so far? M&S gift cards can be redeemed even when they have been scratched off. With this article, you should be able to redeem your cards at ease. 

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