Do Steam Gift Cards Expire?

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Do Steam Gift Cards Expire

Steam gift cards have an expiration date just like other gift cards do. A steam gift card often has a 5-year expiration date, so to avoid the worst-case situation, you might want to consider securing it by redeeming it in your wallet.

Steam is a gaming platform and digital distribution service developed by Valve Corporation. It is one of the leading online gaming platforms in the world, where one can find thousands of games organized into various software libraries, including games for Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, Linux and mobile devices like Android and iOS devices. and gamers can also check the best sportsbooks while gaming.

You can add the card’s cash value to your Steam Wallet and use it to buy games after redeeming these codes in the Steam Store. Because Steam is an online business, you can buy gift cards there, but you must first enter a code to activate the cards.

Do Steam Gift Cards Expire
Do Steam Gift Cards Expire

How Long Does a Steam Gift Code Last?

Steam gift codes typically last up to five years if they are not immediately redeemed after purchase. It is advisable to save them as soon as possible or within a reasonable timeframe to take advantage of many benefits on the Steam platform.

Use Steam Gift Cards to add money to your wallet. Giving your friend or member of your family the ideal game present is also made simple by this. Like other gift cards, you can use Steam Gift Cards and Wallet Codes on the Steam platform to buy games, software, and other items. In a range of currencies, retail outlets throughout the globe sell Steam Gift Cards and Wallet Codes.

Do All Gift Cards Expire if Not Used?

Yes, however, the expiration time is set within a specific time frame. By law, money on a gift card cannot expire for at least five years. According to the Federal Trade Commission, either from the date you purchased the card or from the most recent time you loaded money onto the card.

However, gift cards will incur monthly fees for inactivity, dormancy, or service if they are not used within 12 months, which would lower their value. These fees must be upfront and disclosed to the user; only one payment may be assessed monthly.

Even though many cards won’t have an expiration date, you should still read the fine print to ensure that you don’t keep yours around for too long. On the card, expiration dates must be made explicit. If you’re unsure, it is better to redeem the card as soon as possible.

Do Steam Gift Cards Expire
Do Steam Gift Cards Expire

Why Is My Steam Gift Card Invalid?

There are numerous reasons why your Steam gift card might not be working. In this section, we’ll go over every scenario that could result in your Steam gift card being invalid.

The various reasons for the “invalid” error include the following:

1. Region Issues:

You will get the “invalid” error if the currency represented by the code you are redeeming differs from the location where you reside. Especially if you travel extensively, this is a reasonably typical explanation. You should save your Steam card in the same nation where you are now. For instance, if you are in the USA, doing so will prevent you from doing so.

2. Input Code On Wrong Page

If you try to redeem the code on the wrong page, you will get an “invalid” error prompt. Remember to go to the “redeem wallet code” webpage for redeeming since this constantly happens among those new users on the Steam platform and can result in an issue. They typically enter the activation code on the “client” web page rather than the “redeem wallet code” webpage.

Do Steam Gift Cards Expire
Do Steam Gift Cards Expire

3. Incorrect Code

This scenario is typical. We advise you to check that the code you entered is accurate because the steam gift card activation code is delicate. In some cases, you might type the letter “I” instead of the number 1 or the number 0 instead of the letter “O.” As a result, type the codes carefully, especially those specific characters, and double-check them thoroughly.

4. Card Not Activated

The most common source of this problem is that all Steam gift cards must first be scanned and activated after purchasing. You need to follow the guide I will provide in this article for correct activation and redemption. 

Do Steam Cards Need to be Activated?

Before being able to use Steam, you must first activate the gift cards with a code to access the many advantages the online shop offers its users.

Redeeming your card is the first step. To sum up. The card’s cash value will be added to your Steam Wallet when you use these codes in the Steam Store.

You may then purchase games with this sum. The main reason is, unquestionably, the requirement that all Steam gift cards be confirmed and approved after purchase before being used.

How Do You Activate a Steam Gift Card?

  • To activate the code, visit this page on the Steam website while logged into the account you wish to use it with.
  • Select Add funds to your Steam Wallet from the Store and Purchase History menu.
  • Click on Redeem a Steam Gift Card or Wallet Code on the following page’s right-hand sidebar, labeled “Your Steam Account.”
  • The code on the back of your gift card is your Steam Wallet Code; input it in the text field. Afterward, click Continue.
  • For Steam to calculate sales tax, you must input a shipping address if you haven’t done so already. Hit Continue after that.

Steam will add the gift card balance to your wallet; You can always see your available funds in the top-right corner next to your account name. You may also view the funds in your wallet by choosing View my Wallet under your Steam account name. You’ll see your available funds on the right side of the screen.

Do Steam Gift Cards Expire
Do Steam Gift Cards Expire

What Happens if You Accidentally Scratch Off the Code on a Steam Card?

If a gift card for Steam Wallet has been destroyed or is otherwise unreadable, contact Steam Support with a snapshot of the code associated with the issue. A gift card that has been scratched is typically not returnable.

You can visit the retailer where you purchased the gift card. You can use a gift card to buy something and return the gift card for a refund. You may request cash despite their desire to place the refund back on a card.

How Long Does a $50 Steam Card Last?

How often do you use your Steam account and its associated services? The time a given amount of money is redeemed on your account depends on your usage style.

For hardcore gamers, the $50 gift card may last for less than a month, while others might use the same amount for up to two months. It all depends on your personal preference. Rest assured, even if the money isn’t used up, the amount redeemed will not expire from your Steam wallet.

How Long Does It Take For A Steam Card To Activate?

When you activate the card at the store or on their website, it should immediately start, as it has always done. You can find instructions on what to do if it didn’t start by looking at the bottom of the receipt.

Additionally, confirm that you entered the code correctly. It happens far too frequently for folks to enter the code incorrectly when they believe their code isn’t working. Reach out to STEAM support if it is taking too long. If it doesn’t work, take the card, receipt, and money back to the shop to see if they can reactivate the card by running it through the register.

Do Steam Gift Cards Expire
Do Steam Gift Cards Expire

How To Check If A Steam Card Has Been Used?

If the card is valid, it will continue to checkout; at that point, the card will be applied to your account if you continue. The “previously redeemed” error will be shown if the card has already been used.

You have two options: return the card to the shop where you purchased it or contact customer service. The back of most gift cards will feature a toll-free number you can call to find out the balance.

Find the phone number on the back of the card by flipping it over to the side with the black card strip. Some cards will have two numbers: one for customer care and one for checking the balance. Pick the one for customer care and make your complaint. 

Can I Redeem A Gift Card That Has Expired?

You cannot redeem an expired gift card because the establishment will not accept it due to its “expired” status. This is why saving a gift card within a reasonable period from when you get your hands on it is advisable.

But things are shifting since there is a movement among numerous consumer protection organizations to do away with expiration dates on gift cards in several nations.

It won’t do any good to request to speak with the management, explain the problem, and inquire about the manager’s or company’s willingness to honour the money already paid to them. Instead of mentioning an expiration date, say that customers expect this kind of service.

Where Can I Purchase Physical Gift Cards for Steam?

You can buy authentic Gift Cards from various retail dealers. For those occasions when a physical gift is the best option, you may find Steam Gift Cards in a range of values at retail locations worldwide. Physical gift cards are a fantastic alternative when you have cash on hand and want to buy anything on Steam.

What to Do if You Receive a Gift Card for Your Steam Wallet?

Do not scratch off or distribute the codes on the back of Steam Wallet gift cards if you have already purchased them but have not yet handed the cards or the regulations to the con artist. Instead, make a police call. Fraudsters are skilled at persuading people to take actions they wouldn’t usually take.

Do Steam Gift Cards Expire
Do Steam Gift Cards Expire

What Is the Balance on My Steam Gift Card?

You’ll need your card number and PIN to check the balance of your gift card. You may check your gift card’s balance at retail shops and other businesses that accept them online by calling the toll-free number on the back or by asking the merchant in person.

You might be able to search for it online from their official website, depending on the company. You could also call them and inquire if checking online doesn’t work out. However, they won’t be able to assist you unless you are the present owner of the gift card due to privacy concerns.

Can I Activate a Steam Card with My Phone?

  • Select account details by clicking on your username in the top right corner of the screen.
  • The option to add money to your Steam wallet is on the screen’s right side.
  • Press redeem after entering the code.
  • Your coupon has now been used! Your game purchases are now available.

Can a Steam Card Be Used to Purchase Phone Data?

Simply put, a Steam card is a prepaid gift card. Give someone a $20 Steam card, and they can use it to purchase video games from the Steam Store worth $20. You cannot use a Steam card on any other platform, and you cannot use it to place a call.

Can You Use a Steam Card to Make Any Purchase?

Therefore, although you can trade for non-Steam things, you can’t buy them with Steam Cards. You can only use gift cards for Steam at Steam. But keep in mind that these gift cards are regionally specific. Therefore, there’s a chance that this gift certificate won’t function in some places.

What’s the Procedure for Using a Sirius XM Steam Gift Card?

Adding money to an account’s wallet using a Steam gift card is possible through online and offline retailers. On the Steam platform, the funds were then usable for purchases. Whether you want to listen on your phone, online, or at home, SiriusXM brings entertainment to you. If you are looking for reliable trading platforms, see here.


While steam gift cards have a relatively long life span, it is advisable to redeem them early to avoid complications like damage. Steam gift cards are handy for taking full advantage of the Steam platform. Has this article been of help? I have covered many details to help you better handle issues concerning your Steam gift cards. 

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