Does Albertsons Take Google Pay?

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Does Albertsons Take Google Pay?

Yes, Albertsons accepts Google Pay. You can use your phone to pay for your groceries at any of their locations. You can also add your Albertsons card to Apple Wallet or Android Pay, so you no longer have to carry around a physical card! Albertsons has been accepting Google Pay since November 2018. 

Leading Grocery store in the United States, Albertsons, announced the rolling out of a new contactless pay option sometime in 2020. This technology included the existing NFC-enabled tap-to-pay options with debit and credit cards available in all Albertsons stores.

However, this is named the Albertsons Pay, a new zero-touch checkout experience available through its updated just for U loyalty app.

For this reason, people who regularly shop at Albertsons also wonder if the company accepts Google Pay and other similar digital wallets powered by contactless payment technology.

I did deeper research, and here is what I was able to discover:

Does Albertsons Take Google Pay
Does Albertsons Take Google Pay

Can I use Google Pay at all Albertsons Subsidiary stores?

The fact that a parent supermarket company accepts a particular payment method does not necessarily mean it applies to its subsidiary store under its umbrella.

The case is different with Albertsons because the other store names also extend to accept Google Pay. These subsidiaries include:

  • Randalls
  • United Supermarkets
  • CarrsJewel-Osco 
  • Safeway
  • Vons
  • Acme
  • Tom Thumb
  • Shaw’s
  • Star-Market

These are different companies but still under the umbrella of Albertsons, which means they operate similarly, especially in payment methods acceptability.

In other words, they adopt the same payment technology as Albertsons so that all locations will accept Google Pay.

How to use Google Pay at Albertsons stores

To use Google Pay for payment after shopping at any Albertsons store:

  1. Unlock your phone.
  2. Select the Google Pay app.
  3. Click on Menu and then tap Payment methods.
  4. Close your payment method, and then choose contactless payment.
  5. You will need to verify the payment type that will enable you to use this payment method.
  6. And then, the transaction can now be made using your Google Pay without any contact.
Does Albertsons Take Google Pay
Does Albertsons Take Google Pay

For people familiar with using Google Pay for payment at other grocery stores, Gas stations, restaurants, drive-thru, and retail stores, paying with the digital wallet at Albertsons will not be a new thing.

The process is similar across all locations requiring you to use this payment solution.

The constant requirement is to have an android device compatible with the Google Pay app, have the application installed on your device, link a credit, debit card, or any preferred payment solution, and make one as default.

The card linked to your Google Pay app will serve as a fund source to enable monetary transactions each time you go past the checkout stand using your phone.

The beautiful thing about digital wallets like Google Pay is that they can be operated from other devices and not necessarily your phone.

For instance, you can make payments at Albertsons from Google Pay using your Smartwatch.

However, you need to have the Google Pay app installed on the written devices and then link it to the account on your mobile phone.

Afterward, launch the app on your watch, click on “get started,” and follow instructions for using this payment method on the watch.

Other payment methods are accepted at Albertsons.

Google Pay is not the only accepted payment method across all Albertsons stores; other payment methods include:

  • Cash
  • American Express
  • Albertsons gift cards
  • Personal checks
  • EAT
  • Debit card
  • Credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and 
  • Albertsons Pay

The popular supermarket also accepts payment through several ways to cover as many clients with different payment option preferences as possible.

When shopping at any Albertsons store, you can pay for your items via the following means:

You must have noticed that the only contactless payment method the Albertson app offers includes Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Albertsons Pay. Unlike many similar giant supermarkets in the United States, Samsung Pay is excluded.

Why Albertsons Does Not Accept Samsung Pay Yet

Does Albertsons Take Google Pay
Does Albertsons Take Google Pay

There is no clear explanation for why Samsung Pay is not an option at the Albertsons store chains.

However, we can draw reasons from the popular opinion that Google Pay is sometimes slightly more secure than Samsung Pay. Still, this does not speak of any major advancement gap between both digital payment solutions because we see it being utilized in similar grocery store giants.

So, it suffices to say that the unavailability of Samsung Pay as a payment option at Albertsons stores is inconvenient for especially Samsung device holders who shop at the grocery store regularly.

Meanwhile, the company’s contract with Google Pay may vary from Samsung Pay. But more information about this will have to be gathered before concluding.

The company does not provide a concrete reason for not accepting Samsung Pay. But it doesn’t take a muscle to detect that this is a move to promote a competitor’s solution.

Be that as it may, the Albertsons store will be a better place for Shoppers who use Samsung devices if it can open its windows to adopt Samsung Pay as a means of payment for items bought in-store and via its app.

However, users can draw solace from the wide range of other payment methods, some of which firmly support contactless payments like Samsung Pay.

Does Albertsons take PayPal?

PayPal is a popular payment method accepted by a popular supermarket that operates mostly online.

Sadly, Albertsons is among the major stores that do not directly accept in-store and On App payments through PayPal. Other stores that do not accept PayPal include Costco, Sprouts, and Whole Foods Market.

Meanwhile, there is a way to go around it. To use PayPal at Albertsons, you need to link your PayPal account to Google Pay as a payment option on the app beforehand.

Does Albertsons take CashApp?

Does Albertsons Take Google Pay?
Does Albertsons Take Google Pay

Cashapp can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, both online and in stores.

Albertsons does not directly accept Cashapp as a means of payment. But since all the stores that accept VISA payments are eligible to make a Cash App payment, and Albertsons accepts Visa Payments, you can use the cash app.

But when it comes to paying with CashApp without a card, you want first to make sure that the store accepts Cash App Pay as the payment method during checkout.

This is what you will choose, and then you will be able to hold your phone’s camera over the QR code generated on your desktop to scan it and make a payment.

In summary

There is no doubt that Google Pay, being one of the recently developed payment systems and digital wallets, has been adopted on a large scale.

Albertsons stores are an example of retails that are ripe for the adoption of such digital payment solutions. In 2022, people who shop at any Albertsons store and its subsidiaries can make payments using Google Pay, among other payment options.

However, the company does not accept Samsung pay.

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