Does HEB Take Google Pay?

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Does HEB Take Google Pay

No, HEB does not currently accept google pay, apple pay, or any form of contactless payment methods right now, in the future they might consider adding them as means of payment, but as of August 2022, They do not accept apple pay or google pay.

H-E-B is one of the renowned stores across Texas and North-East Mexico, where almost everything you need is sold. The store always gets busy, and customers are always looking for a way to get through the checkouts as quickly as possible.

This, coupled with the residue of the global pandemic, has necessitated the need for contactless payment in stores like H-E-B, which will make payment secure, faster, and safe for customers.

For this reason, many people who patronize H-E-B want to know whether the family-grown business supports the use of Google Pay to make payments at the checkouts across its 400 stores.

Does HEB Take Google Pay
Does HEB Take Google Pay

Can I use GPAY at H-E-B?

Unfortunately, you can not use Google Pay to pay your purchase bills at H-E-B stores because the company does not accept Google Pay yet.

The truth is that most H-E-B registers already have the NFC technology, which is supposed to be ideal for aiding contactless payment like Google Pay and Apple Pay, but the store is yet to activate it.

In other words, you can’t use Google pay in any H-E-B store at the moment, including on its website or through the app.

Meanwhile, since Google Pay is not available for now, the company is doing several things to minimize contact at the register, such as removing the screen touch to confirm your payment amount and eliminating the need to sign for your purchase.

Reason why HEB hasn’t allowed for Google Pay

Does HEB Take Google Pay
Does HEB Take Google Pay

The main reason why many stores, especially smaller stores, do not accept Google Play is that they don’t have the required infrastructure to allow for NFC payment methods.

While this could be the case for H-E-B, I have observed that some stores would rather introduce rival contactless payment methods dedicated to their brand and customers. And so, bringing Google pay and Apple Pay might detract customers from utilizing their built contactless payment option.

There are clear indications that H-E-B would level up in the nearest future and start accepting Google Pay and other contactless payment that require NFC technology.

This can be sensed from the company’s response to a disgruntled customer in 2021 regarding their lack of contactless payment options. They mentioned that “We are currently looking into Apple Pay (and Google Pay) and other innovative ways to enhance our customer’s shopping experience.”

Sounds promising, I’d say it sounds promising.

Does HEB Take Apple Pay?

HEB does not currently accept apple pay. They may reconsider, in the future and accept apple pay as a payment method. If they do so, we will notify you through our mobile app, or other means as we determine appropriate.

HEB has not made a decision on accepting Apple Pay. They continually review new payment options and will consider other options if they are in the best interests of their customers.

What forms of payment does HEB accept?

NFC (Near Field Communication) contactless methods may not be an option you could use for a payment method at H-E-B stores, but they do offer various ways for customers to pay their bills: 

These forms of payment accepted at HEB stores include:

Note that these payment options are only applied for in-store purchases. Meanwhile, I have read some forums where shoppers at some H-E-B stores say they successfully use their Samsung Pay. 

This is not shocking because, unlike Google Pay, Samsung’s digital wallet uses quite a different technology. While Samsung Pay uses the existing card swipe technology familiar in most H-E-B stores, NFC technology only utilizes short-range connectivity between 2 devices to share card and payment information.

How Do I Pay with My Phone at Heb?

Does HEB Take Google Pay
Does HEB Take Google Pay

The only way you can pay with your Phone in-store after shopping at any H-E-B store is to utilize the store’s recognized app called H-E-B Go, and the payment technology uses scanning of QR codes.

How to use HEB Go to make payments at HEB stores

Step 1: Download the app to your phone, either iOs or Android, which is free.

Step 2: Connect a preferred payment card to the app after signing up and make one your default payment card.

Step 3: Enter any H-E-B store, log into the app and begin shopping.

Step 4: Place bags into the cart and use your phone as the scanner; bag.

Step 5: After shopping, locate the nearest GoKiosk in-store, scan the QR code to link to your app, and pay the bill.

The H-E-B customer service agent will confirm the transaction, and you are good to go.

The payment option appears to be fast, efficient, and contactless, like Google Pay and Apple Pay. The best part is that the app can offer personalized coupons from time to time.

Another way you can pay with your phone after shopping from H-E-B is when you choose to shop from the comfort of your home or office using the My H-E-B app.

It accepts Debit cards, All major credit cards, Gift cards, and SNAP EBT (for eligible products only)

The interesting part of using the app is that customers can clip digital coupons and apply them to online orders for extra savings. You can also fill a virtual cart before choosing curbside pickup or home delivery but for a fee.

What stores like HEB take Google Pay?

Over the past few years, there has been an improvement in the payment industry. Contactless payments, such as mobile wallets, gained popularity, especially among many grocery stores.

So, in case using Google pay is the only option you have, you can look out for H-E-B competitors that use this payment technology. Some of them include

  1. Albertson
  2. Aldi
  3. Costco
  4. Food Lion
  5. Giant Eagle
  6. Hannaford
  7. Meijer
  8. Publix
  9. Safeway
  10. Shoprite
  11. Stop n Shop

Other grocery stores that accept Google pay are Target, Walmart, Wegmans, and WholeFoods.

Does this mean that H-E-B does not have tap to pay?

H-E-B does not have a tap-to-pay feature in their payment system yet. Even though you can use their dedicated app to pay in-store, the attendant has to come over and scan your items again. Plus, you have to interact with the touch screen to indicate you’re done.

 In the sense of a payment system being Tap to pay, all these steps are extra and unnecessary.

Although there was a time when H-E-B finally updated their POS systems to eliminate the need to touch the screen to confirm payment, there is still no Google Pay or any related tap-to-pay functionality.

Hopefully, that will change in the nearest future.

Does HEB take Venmo?

HEB does not take Venmo. Aside from the dedicated HEB app and HEB Go technology, other forms of payment accepted by the store require Cash, Pin-based debit, and checks for some services. None of the transactions of customers in HEB stores require Venmo.

In other words, Venmo Users can not use their account for payment at HEB stores both in-store, on the app, or via the website.

Does HEB take Samsung Pay?

Does HEB Take Google Pay
Does HEB Take Google Pay

HEB does not accept Samsung Pay. While a few experiences shared on the internet reveal the successful use of Samsung Pay at certain HEB outlets, HEB doesn’t accept Samsung Pay directly for the transaction. 

The company is yet to adopt NFC technology that will allow for Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay.

This is why customers have to scan all the items at the counter, then scan the HEB Go QR Code at the HEB Go Kiosk to make payment. 

After that, your shopping will be confirmed by the store customer service agent. 

H -E-B is the most surprising holdout. Most of its terminals prominently display the symbol for NFC payments, but this is not functional in their checkouts; the possible reasons for this have been explained earlier in this post.

Does HEB take Paypal?

Yes, PayPal is currently functioning as a payment method across all H-E-B stores for those who have a PayPal account. Meanwhile, the company has payment system issues for other forms of payment like Google Pay and Apple Pay which they are looking to solve.

Being among the leading grocery store chain in America, HEB has opened its windows of payment option to PayPal account owners, and there are other payment methods as well.

Many grocery stores today allow for PayPal as a means of payment, but the policies may vary because some will require a third-party payment system to act as a middleman.

Does HEB take Cashapp?

Yes, you can load your cash app card at HEB. 

Cashapp can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, both online and in stores. It is a free, customizable debit card connected to your Cash App balance, not your debit card or bank account.

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