Gamestop gift card numbers scratched off

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Gamestop gift card numbers scratched off

If your Gamestop gift card code is scratched off, the best way to recover it is to contact customer support at 1-855-497-8168. While trying out various methods might prove resourceful, customer support is better positioned to help you recover your gift card.

Gamestop is a fantastic company that entertains its customer base in a revolutionary way. Gamestop gift cards allow users to enjoy some of its paid services and digital products based on the amount contained in them. This article will highlight how you can redeem your Gamestop gift card even when it has been scratched off.

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Gamestop gift card numbers scratched off
Gamestop gift card numbers scratched off

How to Recover Scratched Off Gamestop Gift Cards

It’s always lovely to receive a gift card, especially one that can be used at a company like GameStop that sells various goods. Let’s examine the several ways to redeem a scratch-off Gamestop gift card like the digital yuan.

1. Visit Your Retail Dealer

In the situation where you bought your gift card from a store, one of the options you can exploit is to take the card back to the store. Depending on their return policy, you might be able to get a replacement or directions on how to redeem the card if they are knowledgeable. One important thing to note is that when visiting the store, you must show proof of ownership, like your receipt, to the attendant. 

2. Barcode Scan 

Barcodes aren’t just decorations. They are purposefully printed on gift cards. If your gift card pin has been damaged and the barcode is still intact, it can be used as an alternative. By scanning the gift card, you can redeem it or check out on purchase from the mobile app, website, or physical store that facilitates scanning. 

3. Customer Support

Customer support can help you make the right choice when redeeming your card. When you contact customer support, you will also need to present your receipt to the customer care attendant. Scanning your gift card Taking a whole It might be required in the redeeming process. You might be able to either get a replacement or get guidance on how to redeem your card.

Gamestop gift card numbers scratched off
Gamestop gift card numbers scratched off

Where Can I Buy Gift Cards for GameStop?

Purchases of physical cards can be made either in person at a GameStop location or online at Cards ordered from’s website will be shipped by first class US mail and arrive within one to two weeks of the order date.

Email is used to give digital gift cards or gift certificates that can be redeemed online or at any US GameStop location. Within 48 hours of the payment’s processing, an email with the PIN Code and the card or certificate number must be delivered.

Why Is Your Gamestop Gift Card Not Working Online?

1. Inactive Gamestop Gift Card

Gamestop gift cards are connected to your Gamestop accounts and, in most cases, need to be authorized to accept transactions. Due to the readiness of the related bank accounts, inactive cards will be denied if used for payment. 

Consider the countless gift cards you can find on the grocery store’s racks. The plastic is worthless before the cards are loaded. Gift cards from Gamestop work the same way whether you purchase them in person or online.

2. Card Has Been Used

Gift cards from GameStop may not all be redeemable online if they have already been used. The back of those who are required to have a scratch-off PIN. The 19-digit card number and this four-digit PIN code are necessary to redeem the card at an online retailer. On the other hand, PIN codes and card numbers for digital gift certificates and digital gift cards are included in the email sent to the receiver.

3. Insufficient Balance

If you try to make a purchase online without sufficient balance on your card, you are bound to receive an error. If you want to check your gift card balance, you can follow the steps below;

  • Click here to see GameStop’s balance check website.
  • Call 1-800-883-8895 to speak with GameStop.
  • Ask a cashier at any GameStop location to check your balance.

You can keep track of your gift card balance by following the steps above. 

Gamestop gift card numbers scratched off
Gamestop gift card numbers scratched off

Do Gamestop Gift Cards Expire?

No, GameStop gift cards do not expire. No expiry date is stated on the gift card, and Gamestop has not specified any expiration date for their gift cards.

How to Activate a Gamestop Gift Card Online

  • Paste or input your created gift code after choosing your gift card.
  • Select “Validate” from the menu.
  • To authenticate your gift code, please wait a short while.
  • You can keep entering your email address if the validation is successful.
  • Click “Activate Now” after entering your email.
  • Complete one of our sponsors’ tasks to validate the captcha.
Gamestop gift card numbers scratched off
Gamestop gift card numbers scratched off

Why Is My Gamestop Gift Card Invalid?

There are several reasons why your card might be invalid. It might be because it is expired or incorrect information has been used during the redeeming or checkout process.

It’s possible that Gamestop won’t be able to execute your order if one or more of the billing details don’t match what’s on record with your financial institution. has a very strict verification procedure to guarantee that the data of our customers are secure.

It is advisable that you do the following:

Verify that the information you supplied when placing your order matches the information the card issuer requires of you:

Does Gamestop Give Cash For Gift Cards?

Customers can exchange their gift cards for GameStop gift cards in-store or online at, or they can cash in their unused or partially used gift cards at participating GameStop locations.

Additionally, customers don’t have to let unwanted gift cards from other merchants go unused because they may exchange or cash them in at GameStop to help their budget. Members of the PowerUp Rewards loyalty program are urged to use their reward points to buy items from the PowerUp Rewards catalog in the meantime.

Gamestop gift card numbers scratched off
Gamestop gift card numbers scratched off

How Do I Add a Gamestop Gift Card To My Apple Wallet?

  • Choose Upload at the bottom of the Apple Wallet application.
  • Find the retailer you wish to add by searching.
  • Put in the PIN and gift card number along with the value.
  • Select Save Card.

Can I Use a Gamestop Gift Card at Target?

Yes, they can be used on target. The e-card can be used for purchases both online and at any of GameStop’s physical stores across the country. Nearly 100 different businesses will take cards, including, among others, Aeropostale, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Home Depot, Nike, Old Navy, and Target. 

When it comes to gifts that are accepted by everyone, gift cards come in second place only to cash. The main issue is that the gift card is practically worthless if you don’t use it to make purchases at the retailer or dine at the eatery where it is accepted.

Gamestop gift card numbers scratched off
Gamestop gift card numbers scratched off


With this, we will draw the curtains on this subject. We have now come to the conclusion that scratched-off Gamestop gift cards can still be redeemed. With the various steps and measures highlighted in this article, you will be able to redeem your gift card with ease. 

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