15 Tips To Become A Business Tycoon [Best Guide]

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15 Tips To Become A Business Tycoon

Being a business tycoon in this technology-driven world is a real challenge, but few entrepreneurs make it big with a clear goal in mind and a lot of hard work. At the end of this article, you will know how to become a business leader in this technology-driven world.

15 Ultimate Tips To Become A Business Tycoon

15 Tips To Become A Business Tycoon
15 Tips To Become A Business Tycoon

To become a business owner, you will need to:

  1. Think outside the box
  2. Maintain a consistent approach to work
  3. Take risks
  4. Eliminate fear
  5. Trust the process
  6. Pen down your goals and visions
  7. Network with relevant players in the business world
  8. Be open to criticism of all sorts
  9. Read case studies of other business tycoons
  10. Be organized and strategic
  11. Learn from mistakes and failures
  12. Make better decisions
  13. Provide exceptional services
  14. Master leadership
  15. Learn, unlearn, and relearn

Being an entrepreneur is the best thing you can do for your future. You can have total control over your income, your time, and your whole life. However, it is the scariest thing because your income generation is solely dependent on whether you take the right steps. This is a complete guide on how to become a business owner in this technology-driven world.

Step By Step Guide on How to Become a Business Tycoon Explained

Think Outside the Box

The very first step on how to become a successful business leader is to think outside the box. This refers to thinking originally and creatively that creates a provision for innovative solutions and the creation of problems in the face of obstinate problems.

For any entrepreneur, business, firm, or company, regardless of the industry it is domiciled in, creative thinking plays a significant role in its growth and development. To become a business owner, revered and celebrated, you would need to be creative. Always look for ways out of impossible situations, and you would rise to the peak of your business career.

Maintain a Consistent Approach to Work

15 Tips To Become A Business Tycoon
15 Tips To Become A Business Tycoon

Consistency is the fuel behind every successful venture. Successful people never stumble on success. Their stories tell of how a consistent approach to any venture is key to being successful in it. As a businessman or entrepreneur, downplaying the need to adopt a consistent approach to your business is the baby step to failure.

You must do the things obtainable in your business day-in-day-out to become a successful business leader. What consistency does to you is that it creates a positive attitude to work which translates into replicating results over time.

Another demand of consistency, like Neil Patel, puts it is to get gritty. In his article on 30 Ways to Become a More Successful Entrepreneur, Neil explains that you are going nowhere in the entrepreneurial world without hard work and perseverance. By being gritty, you are consistently putting in work regardless of how you feel and what others think about what you do.

The journey to being successful as a business owner is not easy, but with consistency, determination, diligence, and perseverance, you can reach the zenith of your career.

Take Risks

Entrepreneurship and risk-taking are inseparable. You cannot be an entrepreneur or business leader and expect to navigate your way from taking risks. If you must become a successful business owner, prepare your mind to take risks, some very reckless ones if possible.

One of the reasons why risk-taking is important for your entrepreneurship journey is because it gives you a competitive advantage over those not willing to take risks. Harriet Genever explains this ideology in her article on Why Entrepreneurs Should Take Risks. She explained that most entrepreneurs would likely shy away from risk-taking, thereby giving those willing to take those risks an advantage over them.

However, even though taking risks as an entrepreneur is advised, it is important to note that not all risks are worth taking. Learn to identify the risks that are worth taking, and if it pays off, you could be setting yourself on the path to becoming a successful business owner.

Eliminate Fear

Next, on how to become a business leader, you must do away with fear. One of the things that kept me back from fully embracing the path of entrepreneurship was fear. I was not ready to lose the paycheck I was getting even when I knew I had chances of earning better as an entrepreneur.

Most persons might have begun their entrepreneurial journey, but fear keeps them back from moving to the next stage of their career. If you must be successful and become the business leader you want to be, you must eliminate fear.

Fear is an action-stopper. It keeps you from taking steps towards your growth and development. Most times, you are sure of what you have to do, but fear would keep you back and on your back. It would be best if you trust your guts. As an entrepreneur, you must learn to trust your intuition and rely on the wisdom that comes from within you.

Trust the Process

15 Tips To Become A Business Tycoon
15 Tips To Become A Business Tycoon

According to Failory, 70 percent of startups fail within the first two to five years of their establishment. I have not added this statistic to scare you but show you how difficult the entrepreneurial journey can be. However, the benefits of being an entrepreneur are awesome and truly gratifying.

When the tunnel seems too dark, and there is no ventilation, keep pressing. Trust the process and have faith that sooner than is expected, your efforts will be handsomely rewarded. Pressures from family, friends, and society can be overwhelming as an entrepreneur. They can become so great that you may consider giving up on your pursuit. Nevertheless, trust the process.

Pen Down your Goals and Visions

This is one of the errors entrepreneurs fall into, which accounts for the minute percentage of persons who become successful business tycoons – negligence to penning down goals and visions. A dull pencil, as we know it, is better than the sharpest mind. Therefore, endeavor to put down your goals with pen and paper.

One of the benefits of this practice is that it helps you track your progress and see the things you have not done. It would be easy for you to take inventory of the activities of your business and the steps you can take to improve productivity.

Network with Relevant Players in the Business World

As you journey to become a business tycoon, it is quintessential to note that the growth of your business is dependent on your connections. The right connections help to make your entrepreneurial journey stress-free and seamless.

The great scientist Isaac Newton wrote a letter to Robert Hooke in 1625, and he made what is today described as his most famous statement. In the letter, Isaac Newton told Robert Hooke that he could see further because he stood on the shoulders of giants. This is a similitude of what networking can do for you.

By connecting with relevant players in the business world, you will be able to:

  • Glean from their experiences
  • Access the tools and resources they rely on
  • Understand the business world from their perspective
  • See the nature of their operations as fellow entrepreneurs
  • Stay up-to-date with happenings in the business world
  • Rise in the ranks of business tycoons in your sphere and much more

The connection you need to move ahead in your business is with a person, and when you do not take networking seriously, your progress up the ladder to success as an entrepreneur will be stalled. There is nothing like too much networking, except it hampers on the operations of your business. Hence, make as many relevant connections as you can.

Be Open to Criticism of all Sorts

Nobody likes criticism, but as an entrepreneur, you must be prepared to face depressing acts of disapproval and persons being very vocal about noting the problems or faults of your work and enterprise. It would be best if you drew out positives in the criticisms that come your way becomes they are unavoidable.

There is always an iota of truth in whatever critics say about you and your business operations. Look out for the constructive elements in the criticism you receive and work on them. No matter how mean the critics are, there would be elements of truth in them. Be discerning to pick them out and become better.

Read Case Studies of Other Business Tycoons

After working all day on building your business, you may be tempted to pass the time by seeing a movie or reading a fictional novel. I will advise against that. Except you do not want to become a successful business tycoon, if you are sure you want to reach the heights of your entrepreneurial journey, then read case studies of other business tycoons.

Spend your time on Medium, Reddit, Entreprenuer.com, Forbes.com, Starterstory, Business Insider, etc., to learn about other entrepreneurs, businesses, and startups. These platforms feature case studies of entrepreneurs, failed businesses, and successful businesses. You would learn a lot from the stories of other entrepreneurs and how they scaled through or failed.

Be Organized and Strategic

Do not try to do everything at the same time. You would end up doing nothing. Set out time for every business activity and operation and follow it up religiously. I often make use of a conventional tool which is a to-do list. I write things I ought to do every day in my to-do list and allocate timeframes to each activity.

By doing this, I have complete control over my time, and I can achieve my goals bit by bit. Entrepreneurship can be overwhelming, and if you are not careful to organize, strategize, and plan your every move, you may get caught in the muddy waters.

Learn From Mistakes and Failures

Mistakes and failures will occur as you progress in your entrepreneurial journey. You must not get sad or feel depressed when you make mistakes or business seems to be engaging in a downturn. Instead, look at the bigger picture: you get better and more experienced as an entrepreneur.

Make Better Decisions

One of the traits of every successful entrepreneur is the ability to make decisions. As little as the idea of decision-making may seem, it is the difference between a successful entrepreneur and a mediocre. Once you become better at making decisions, you will speed up your journey to become a successful business tycoon.

Provide Exceptional Services

The goals of entrepreneurs vary from one industry to another. However, one unique goal every entrepreneur must strive to achieve is to meet customers’ needs continually. Sampson Quain, in his article on Why Is the Expectation of a Consumer Important in Marketing? asserts that no one can be successful in business without winning over their target audience.

One of the ways to win over your target audience as you strive to become a business tycoon is to provide exceptional services. Endeavor to meet your customers’ needs uniquely, so they do not find your competitors worthy of their patronage.

Master Leadership

As you rise through the ranks as a business tycoon, you would need to employ the services of others to help you run your vision and achieve your goals. If you have not mastered leadership, you may have difficulty getting people to key into your vision and work with you.

At this stage of your journey, you are expected to have a comprehensive insight into the nature of your job and how goals should be achieved. Your employees, partners, and associates would look to you for directives on the role they have to play. Not being a leader will make you fail at this step.

Read books on leadership, attend master classes, seminars, etc. I will recommend you read the books of CEOs of big corporations and how they manage the thousands of employees they had. In addition, my preferred author on leadership is John C. Maxwell. You can read his books and resources to learn leadership.

Learn, Unlearn, and Relearn

One mindset you must perpetually sustain is that of learning, unlearning, and relearning. You must be ready to learn about the aspects of building a successful business. When a body of knowledge becomes obsolete, you must sustain the ability to drop it. It is outright folly to hold on to something that does not work, expecting it to work for you.

Move on from any knowledge or ideology that no longer works, study, and seek fresh understanding of the business world. Always be ready to learn, unlearn, and relearn to become the business tycoon you desire to be.

What Do Business Tycoons Do?

Business tycoons typically create new business with the sole aim of meeting the specific needs of customers. They bear the burdens and risks of running the business and ultimately enjoy the financial profits and gratifications that come from the successful running of the business.

The job of business tycoons cuts across developing, designing, structuring, marketing, and in some cases selling businesses. Some of the functions of business tycoons include innovation, creativity, risk-taking, organization, and management.

What Studies Do I Have to Do to Become a Business Tycoon?

The studies you should undertake to become a business tycoon are dependent on the nature of the business you want to set up. Nonetheless, you should consider studying any business-related course or going to business school and bagging an MBA.

When you attend a business school and get your MBA, you must have learned management skills, financial skills, marketing skills, and much more, essential to your success as a business tycoon.

Editor’s Recommendation

The hallmark of being successful at any enterprise is to master the principles that have made others in that field successful. You will be making unnecessary mistakes and wandering on your entrepreneurial journey if you fail to recognize that others have gone ahead of you. Their experience can save you the time, effort, and finance you would expend finding the way yourself.

As such, network with other business tycoons and seek mentorship. Do not be an island. Seek help from those who have gone ahead of you.


You can be in the league of the world’s biggest business tycoons with consistency and a holistic approach to the steps I have listed on how to become a business tycoon. If you found this article helpful, please share it with entrepreneurs like you.

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