How To Use Credit Card Without A Zip Code

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How To Use Credit Card Without A Zip Code

ZIP codes are addresses codified into numbers exclusive to one or a group of persons in a specified place. As such, if the ZIP code of your credit card does not match, your card could get blocked or worse. However, in today’s article, I will show you how to use your credit card without a ZIP code.

Let me clarify; it is not possible to maneuver your way into using the wrong ZIP code for a credit card. It is fraudulent and illegal. However, other payment methods, such as Gift cards, contactless cards, transfer services, etc., do not require you to input your ZIP code.

In this guide, I will show you how to use a credit card without a zip code and answer questions about credits cards and zipcodes. Read On

Can You Use Credit Card WIthout A Zip Code?

Can you use a credit card with a zip code? NO, you cannot because you must have a zip code to use a credit card. This is because the bank requires it to verify your address and identity. Without the zip code, your card will not be authorized by the bank, and you won’t be able to make any purchases with it.

The only exception to this rule is when you are using a gift card or prepaid card that doesn’t have a specific address.

If you try to use your credit card without a zip code, you will receive an error message: “Error: Address verification failed.” This could happen on any website where you are trying to purchase with your credit card account.

Most Popular ZIP Codes In the US

ZIP codes are usually five-digits. Whenever I need my ZIP code, I search for it on the internet by writing out my location. However, let’s try looking at ZIP codes in some US states.

S/NStatesPlacesZIP Codes
ChicagoAlbany Park60625
Archer Heights60632
Beverly Woods60655
Washington Heights60643
South Chicago60617
New YorkSung Portrait Painting10018
Tracy Williams10011
Bloomingdale Branch10025
Mid-Manhattan Library10016
Art & Design High School10022
oOklahoma Edmond73012
Oklahoma City73165
Austin 73344
Lake Dallas75065

Is your place not listed here? Check out the ZIP codes for other places here. It would be helpful to understand that you can not have the same ZIP code for the same place, but a place can be divided to have more than one ZIP code. 

Note: The ZIP code of your credit card is the billing address and maybe the place you opened the credit card account. You can try your home address, work address, or other often-visited places.

How to make Payment without ZIP Codes

Numerous payment methods do not require the use of ZIP codes. You can use these payment methods if you cannot use your credit card.

Gift cards, gift vouchers, or tokens are used to pay for any goods purchased online or in-store. The clear difference between a credit card and a gift card is that the store creates the gift cards. You can purchase Visa, Mastercard, or other store gift cards. Gift cards are increasingly popular, and you can get a gift card from your favorite restaurant, gym, mall, etc.

  • Contactless Cards

Examples of contactless cards are Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Contactless cards enable a seamless process of payment. And here we have the ‘Tap & Pay’ or ‘Tap & Send’ system. You can easily integrate the contactless system into your device and make your payment easier.

  • Transfer Services

you can do transfer service through USSD (Unstructured supplementary service data) or your mobile bank app. This does not use ZIP codes but rather a Pin code(four-digit).

This form of payment is less secured compared to bank credit cards. You can get a prepaid debit card and use it to run all your payments. Examples of prepaid debit cards are; PayPal Prepaid Mastercard, Bluebird by American Express, Mango Visa Prepaid Card, etc. 

  • Online Payment Platforms

There are so many online payment platforms that most online stores recommend as an acceptable payment method. Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill, ZIP, Stripe, Afterpay, etc.

What is a ZIP Code?

ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) Code was created in 1963 by a US organization. However, when this code was created, it was to target the issue of mailing and postal addresses. It further expanded to identify addresses on the web, internet, and payment cards as years went by.

Additionally, ZIP Codes were further extended to act as a means of authorization for credit card services. Address Verification System (AVS) is a machine that processes ZIP codes and credit card transactions automatically. 

However, in situations where your card’s billing address does not match the card-issuing bank, the transaction would not be processed without providing a valid ZIP code. This is an additional form of security to prevent any fraudulent acts or the use of stolen cards.

Frequently Asked Questions on ‘How to use a credit card without ZIP code.’

How to use a credit card without a ZIP code

AVS automatically identifies your ZIP code and processes your payment. However, the ZIP code is demanded when the card’s billing address does not match the card-issuing bank. As a security measure, you can not bypass it. If your ZIP code is forgotten, request your transaction statement from your bank.

You should be able to locate your ZIP code on it. Your banking app can have your card ZIP code, but this is not on every bank application.

Where is my ZIP code on my debit card?

ZIP code can be found on your bank statement or mobile bank app. Your ZIP code is not your CVV code or your full address. It is a five-digit number for your place. This could be your home or office address, or it could also be the place you registered the credit card account. Therefore, your ZIP code is not on your debit card.

Can you use a credit card with ZIP?

ZIP code is different from ZIP. ZIP Co Limited is a payment method that allows individuals to pay for goods bit-by-bit. And you can link your Visa or Mastercard to the ZIP payment platforms. Additionally, it has ZIPpay or ZIP Business Trade to aid your payment process.

What is the ZIP at credit card payment?

The ZIP refers to the postal code of a registered card. This is an additional security feature to ensure that people do not get their card used by another fraudulently. It confirms the person’s identity before completing the transaction. However, ZIP codes can prevent you from making some transactions online but do not prevent you from making withdrawals on the ATM or running other transactions on your mobile app or device.

What is my code on Mastercard?

ZIP code can be requested on your Visa card, Mastercard, or other bank cards. ZIP codes are registered to a person’s billing address. If forgotten, you can see your ZIP code on your bank statement. They can be your home or office address. You have to search for your location’s postal code or ZIP code.

Why is Venmo saying invalid ZIP code?

A likely reason is that the card is not registered in the US. In cases like this, such a card’s postal code or ZIP code might not align with the usual five-digit number in the US. For example, in India, their postal code consists of six-digit which is not in line with the US Zip code. In other countries, their ZIP code can also contain letters. All this may lead to an ‘invalid’ message if used to process transactions in the US. 

Can you pay with just a credit card number?

Usually, you only need the card owner’s full name (not every time), card number, expiration date, CVV, and token number to complete a transaction or purchase online. Also, AVS allows for automatic regulation of the Card’s ZIP code. However, there are times when the machine can request your ZIP code to prevent fraud protection.

How do I find a UK ZIP code?

Here, you can find the ZIP codes for numerous states in Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Why does a credit card need ZIP?

The ZIP on your credit card is a security measure used to confirm the cardholder’s identity. To prevent any fraudulent activity on your credit card, the ZIP code on credit cards serves as protection. ZIP codes are your postal codes. This could be your home, office, or other places. If forgotten, you can find it on your bank statement. 

Do international credit cards have ZIP codes?

Having a ZIP code depends on the bank, type of card, and payment platform for an international credit card. Numerous platforms do not accept international credit cards as a verifiable means of payment. As such, you have to find out if they do accept it before you attempt to make a purchase.

However, some international cards have foreign ZIP codes, but they are often not accepted on the payment platform. You have to reach out to your bank, ensure the ZIP code is correct, and tell them why you need it.

How do I add a Visa gift card to Venmo without a ZIP code?

Follow these steps accordingly;

Step 1: Log in to your Venmo app or website account. You can download the Venmo app on the play store or apple store.

Step 2: Look out for the menu sign located at the top corner of your screen. Click on it.

Step 3: Click on Settings, click on Preference, then Payment Methods.

Step 4: Go to the bottom of the page and click on Add a Bank or Card, then click on Card.

Step 5: You can fill in the card details manually or take a picture of the card at this stage. However, ensure your card is registered and functional.

Step 6: Click on Add Card and Done.

Final Note on “How to use a credit card without ZIP code.”

There are many ways you can use your credit card without a ZIP code. ZIP codes are peculiar to a specific place. However, I hope this article helps you understand how ZIP codes are essential to every individual.

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