[EXPLAINED] Someone Used My Credit Card Online. Can i Track Them.

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Someone Used My Credit Card Online. Can i Track Them.

Online shopping has become incredibly popular in recent years and most of us have no problems purchasing goods and services on the internet. But what if you’re a victim of fraud, or your credit card number is stolen? Can you track the individual, recover your loss and prevent it from happening again? The answer may be surprising.

The answer depends on the credit card. As soon as you suspect fraud, contact your issuer and ask it to freeze your account. If you request the transaction history, which should be free, you’ll be able to see what happened.

If the transactions were made online, you might see an IP address — a string of numbers that can identify a computer or network. You can then give that information to law enforcement or try to find the person yourself by checking sites like WhoIsHostingThis.com.

Someone Used My Credit Card Online. Can i Track Them.
Someone Used My Credit Card Online. Can i Track Them.

Unfortunately, most of the time when people misappropriate credit cards, they don’t use them online, where they can be traced, said John Breyault, vice president of public policy at the National Consumers League in Washington. Instead, they go out and buy things.

“Most of the people who steal other people’s credit card numbers are not doing it for fun,” he said. “They’re doing it to make money.”

But even if you can’t track down the person who used your card online, there’s still hope for getting your money back. If someone steals your number — not your physical card — you’re only liable for up to $50 worth of charges under federal law (although some states have stricter laws). If your physical card is

You can use a reverse phone lookup service such as Spokeo to find out who used

This article will take you through what you should do if someone else has used your credit card online and how you can tell if it was an unauthorized transaction so that you can decide how to proceed from there.

What is Credit Card Fraud?

Credit card fraud is a crime involving someone stealing your credit or debit card information and using it without your knowledge. 

While not all instances of fraudulent use constitute identity theft, many of them do. Credit card fraud comes in many forms, but with these steps, you can be proactive about protecting yourself from being a victim.

What To Do if Your Credit Card Has Been Stolen

If you are concerned that your card has been compromised, there are a few steps you should take.

 First, check to see if there is any activity on your accounts or credit report that shouldn’t be there (check both with your bank and through a free credit monitoring service). 

If so, flag it for follow-up with customer service or law enforcement. Then, monitor your account for several months to ensure any stolen funds aren’t being spent.

In addition to checking your monthly statements, you can also check for unauthorized transactions in a couple of other ways. 

One option is to monitor your account by setting up text or email alerts. You’ll get an alert if there are any transactions on your account that you don’t recognize. 

Another option is to set up transaction alerts using your bank’s website. 

There are two common ways banks offer transaction alerts: either through their mobile app or via email messages containing customized message templates.

Can online credit card purchases be traced?

Someone Used My Credit Card Online. Can i Track Them.
Someone Used My Credit Card Online. Can i Track Them.

Can online credit card purchases be traced?

Can someone trace a purchase made with a stolen credit card? What about a debit card?

I would say that if the person doesn’t use your card for anything else, then you probably won’t have any more problems. If they use it again, then the CC company will call you and ask if you used that card at a such-and-such place on a such-and-such date. If you didn’t, you will probably get your money back in full. This is because the CC companies don’t want to lose customers to fraud.

But what if they do use it again? If they use it on the internet somewhere, it will be easy to find them. Almost every single website today records IP addresses for every page request and transaction. Every time an item is purchased from an eCommerce site (or even just viewed), a server log is written with all of the details of that transaction/view including date/time and IP address. The IP address can

How to track a stolen credit card 

To track your stolen card, follow the procedures below

  • If your card has been stolen or you think that it might have been compromised, contact your bank immediately. 
  • It may be possible to cancel a stolen card while fraud prevention specialists investigate.
  •  If your stolen information is being misused, you’ll want to lock down your accounts and make sure no further damage is done.
  • Gathers Evidence such as the Ip address from where the transaction took place, Geological Data, Time of transactions, Account Activity,  and every other possible evidence that your bank might need to track the card
  • Give your bank some time to examine the transaction
  • Report to Law Enforcement Officers, if the bank doesn’t come through for you

How Can You Protect Your Credit Card Against Online Fraud?

It is important to keep your credit card information as safe as possible. Your credit cards are your best and only way to pay for things in stores, buy gas and even rent a hotel room. 

Because these cards have so much power over you and your finances, it is important that you keep them safe from fraud and identity theft.

 Most of all, you must protect yourself against fraudulent charges by making sure that no one knows your account number except for you.

 To protect your credit cards from unauthorized use, it is important to guard against fraud.

 Although there are many ways to protect yourself against identity theft and other types of credit fraud, there are two specific steps you should take to stay safe. 

  • The first is having a unique account number for each credit card you own. This helps because it makes it more difficult for others to get access to your information.
  •  The second is placing a fraud alert on your accounts. A fraud alert will prevent you from being approved for any new credit cards unless you verify that it is you who is making that application. Fraud alerts are sometimes also known as security freezes or a consumer reporting agency (CRA) alert.

Alternatively, you can use any of the methods below to protect your credit card against fraudulent activities.

  • Scanning Virus, 
  • Transact Through secured Websites,
  • Use 3-D Secure System, 
  • Sign up with fingerprint, 
  • Lock your Card, 
  • Protect your Credit Card Pin, 
  • Check your Monthly Statement, 
  • Keep Your Card Safe

How To Report Credit Card Fraud

Someone Used My Credit Card Online. Can i Track Them.
Someone Used My Credit Card Online. Can i Track Them.

If you know or suspect that your credit card information has been stolen, you should call the customer service number on the back of your credit card.

The fraud specialist will ask for information about you and your credit card account. If the fraud specialist believes there may have been fraudulent activity, they will close your account and issue a new credit card.

The fraud specialist will also probably ask if you would like to sign up for a credit monitoring service. Most major banks offer free credit monitoring services to their customers who experience fraudulent activity, making calls like these a great time to get free access to good service.

After calling your bank’s fraud department, you should contact the three major credit reporting agencies — TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax — and put a “fraud alert” on each of your accounts. A fraud alert warns creditors that they need to take extra measures to verify your identity before issuing any new lines of credit.

Talk to the lender before you get served. Many collectors will accept an offer of repayment if you contact them and explain your situation before the lawsuit is filed. This route might be worth considering if you’re short on cash and need time to get back on your feet financially.

Ask for proof of the debt. If you’ve been sued, send a written request under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act asking for proof that you owe the debt — such as documentation of the original loan agreement and evidence that it hasn’t been sold to another collector after the statute of


To be able to easily find out who has been using your card without your permission, it is first important to report it as soon as possible. 

For example, if you recently purchased a new smartphone that uses a mobile carrier such as T-Mobile or AT&T, then you will want to call them and ask if they offer a service that protects against unauthorized charges. 

If not, then there are several other companies that specialize in offering protection for purchases made on stolen credit cards (MasterCard itself has an excellent fraud-protection service called MasterCard SecureCode). 

It’s always a good idea to sign up for these services immediately so you won’t have to worry about people spending money on anything you don’t authorize.

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