Indigo Gift Card Pin Scratched Off [ Recovered ]

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Indigo Gift Card Pin Scratched Off

If your Indigo gift card pin is scratched off, you can contact Indigo customer support at 833-463-446 or redeem the card by scanning its bar code. In summary, a scratched gift card hasn’t necessarily been rendered useless.

Redeeming a gift card is more flexible than you think. Most users think gift cards can only be redeemed with their pins. However, that’s not the case. We will explore the conventional and various alternative ways you can save gift cards. Continue reading to find out more. Without any further ado, let’s get right into the details of the article. 

Indigo Gift Card Pin Scratched Off
Indigo Gift Card Pin Scratched Off

How To Recover An Indigo Gift Card Pin Scratched Off

If you scratched your Indigo gift card, there is no need to worry. You are not the first to apply too much pressure when marking a card, and you won’t be the last. However, we can offer you various solutions that can help you. 

1. Recover with serial number

When looking at alternatives, your serial number is a relatively good option to start considering. Your gift card’s serial number is almost as significant as the card pin. As long as your gift card’s serial number stays undamaged, you can also use it to identify and redeem your gift card. Your serial number will also come into play when contacting customer support.

2. Scan Bar Code

Bar codes hold significant importance, significantly when your code is damaged. Most gift cards have a bar code number that distinguishes them from others. Indigo gift cards are no different. With the bar code on your gift card, you can perform functions like redeeming and checking the balance without scratching it or damaging it. 

3. Customer Support 

You can contact their customer support at 1-833-463-446. Getting Indigo customer service opens up several options for redeeming your gift card. The customer care attendant might help you recover or replace your gift card. They might ask for various things, from your gift card serial number to your receipt. You might also be asked to send a scan of your gift card if the need arrives. 

The above methods are the best ways to redeem a scratched-off gift card. For those who bought their card at a store, while returning the card to the store might be an option, they do not offer a refund or replacement in many cases. In the end, contacting customer care is more likely to help.

Indigo Gift Card Pin Scratched Off
Indigo Gift Card Pin Scratched Off

Why Is Your Indigo Gift Card Not Working Online?

If you are experiencing trouble using your gift card, there are several reasons why your Indigo gift card might display an error or fail to process a payment online. We will be exploring a few of them in this section. 

1. Insufficient Balance

Does your gift card have sufficient funds to make a purchase? You cannot rule out this cause from our list. You will get an error message if you try to purchase more items than your funds can handle. Therefore, you must keep tabs on your expenses to save yourself trouble. 

2. Invalid Details

This is a principal reason why gift cards don’t work online. There are several instances where details need to be filled in when dealing with gift cards. You must fill in the correct information, from redeeming your card to using your card to make a purchase. To avoid getting repeated error messages, you must cross-check the details every time you fill in the entries.

3. Expired Gift Card

While most gift cards do not expire, some have a life span. Trying to redeem an expired gift card will only prove to be a futile attempt. To this end, recovering your gift card as soon as possible from when you get it is advisable. 

4. Unauthorized Usage

Gift cards are not omnipotent; they have their limits. The Indigo gift card is created for purchase on their platform and the partnered website. If you attempt to use the Indigo gift card on a platform that is not partnered with them, the card will not work. Therefore, you must keep track of the media you attempt to use your gift card on. 

Indigo Gift Card Pin Scratched Off
Indigo Gift Card Pin Scratched Off

How To Activate An Indigo Gift Card Online

You can finally enjoy the promotional codes and bonus cards provided by Indigo. That is, either during Secure Checkout or from your Shopping Cart. You can do this by clicking on “proceed” and entering the code into the “PAY” section during the checkout process. You can also contact Indigo gift card support here

Redeeming your Indigo gift card is very straightforward. Indigo will reduce your order total after you enter the promo code and click “Apply.” You can use the Indigo card when you focus on living your best life and creating your best future. For future listening, you may make a playlist. Indigo offers online, in-person, and app-based shopping options.

How Many Numbers Are Indigo Gift Card Pins?

The PIN, which can be up to six digits long, can be found in the email with an e-gift card or beneath the scratch-off area on the back of your card. This pin is unmistakably distinct. Therefore, it won’t be hard for you to sport it. 

The PIN is unnecessary when making personal purchases, but if you want to use it online and can’t remember it, take the gift card to any Indigo store. You will receive a new PIN when you ask the cashier to transfer the remaining money from your existing gift card to a new gift card.

Indigo Gift Card Pin Scratched Off
Indigo Gift Card Pin Scratched Off

Where Is The Code On An Indigo Gift Card?

The scratch-off area on your Indigo card won’t be hard to spot. You can spot it in a heartbeat when you look at the back of the card. It should be just above where you can find the pin. 

The gift card code is evident on all gift cards, not just Indigo. When uncovering the code, it is essential to take caution. The last thing you want is a damaged gift card that you could have easily avoided. It’s not that you can’t fix it. It will just be an extra hassle. 

Can You Check The Balance Of A Gift Card Without The PIN?

There are two sure-fire ways to check the balance of a gift card. They include;

1. Customer Support

With this method, you can easily find out the balance of your gift card in no time. All you need to do is provide the necessary requested information. This might include details like the serial number, the card pin, or a scanned submission of the gift card. 

2. Store retailer

Taking the gift card to the store where you bought it is also a good idea. After making a purchase, the cashier can tell you your gift card balance at the retail store. With this method, you don’t have to worry about having your pin ready at hand or not.

How Do To Buy an Indigo Gift Card?

You can buy Indigo gift cards in increments of $25, $50, or $100, which will be mailed to you within a few days. We will email your recipient one of our e-gift cards in any amount between $2 and $500. You can choose to have E-Gift Cards delivered immediately or at a later time.

The value of gift cards purchased at Indigo locations varies and can range between $2 and $500 per card. You can always reload them in-store. Other merchants sell cards that have printed on the box pre-set sums. Before usage, these cards must be purchased and activated at the retailer’s cash register.

Can I See How Much Is Left On My Indigo Gift Card Online?

You can check the balance on your Indigo gift card online using the option for checking gift card balances or by going to the Payment Options section in your Account Centre. You can check the balance on your gift card by calling customer service or checking a physical store.

You can transfer money from your gift card to your account and vice versa using the Account Center. Indigo will display your gift card balance and the available transfer options once you enter the number and PIN and click “Next.” Enter the desired transfer amount, starting at $1 and going as high as the balance on your gift card or account.


There’s no need to throw out that card once it gets damaged. There are still many options to consider. Although chances are that you won’t get a refund, there will be a way to get a replacement or redeem your card. Your Indigo gift card is in safe hands. With this guide, I hope you won’t have to worry about how to save your scratched-off card. 

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