How to Recover Accidentally Scratched Off Gift Card Code

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If your gift card is scratched off or damaged accidentally, the first thing you need to do is contact the card issuer’s customer support. After relaying the state of your gift card to the customer care attendant, you will be directed to the best possible way to recover your card. 

The amount of money on a gift card notwithstanding, not being able to recover it once it is damaged can be considered a big loss. No matter how little, the amount on the gift card can come in handy at any time. In this article, I have compiled some of the best measures to take to solve your damaged gift card issues. Continue reading to find out.    

How To Recover Scratched-Off Gift Cards From Different Brands

Here are ways to recover scratched-off, damaged, and unreadable gift cards from different brands, click on any of the brands below to learn how to recover scratched-off gift cards.

recover scratched-off Roblox gift cards

Recover Asos Scratched off gift card

Recover Playstation Gift Card Scratched Off

Recover Delta Gift Card Scratched Off

Recover Nike Gift Card Scratched Off

Recover Nintendo Gift Card Scratched Off

Recover Uber Gift card Scratched Off

Recover Google Play Gift card Scratched Off

Recover Home Depot  Gift card Scratched Off

Recover Home Xbox card Scratched Off

Recover target Gift Card Code Scratched Off

Recover Amazon Gift Card Code Scratched Off

Recover Indigo Gift Card Code Scratched Off

Recover ebay Gift Card pin Scratched off

Recover GrubHub Gift Card Pin Scratched Off

Recover Lowe’s Gift Card pin Scratched off

Recover Netflix Gift Card Code Scratched Off

Recover Chick-FIl-A Gift Card Code Scratched Off

Recover DoorDash Gift Card Pin Scratched Off

Recover Lululemon Gift Card Pin Scratched Off

How To Recover Scratched Unused Steam Gift Card

Can scratched-off gift cards still be redeemed? Of course, it can still be redeemed. There are various methods to employ when it comes to redeeming a scratched-off gift card.

For gift cards like Nike, Uber, Nintendo, Xbox, Home Depot, Target, Lulu Lemon, etc. You can also try the following ways to recover your accidentally scratched-off gift card from the brand not listed above.

1. Customer Support

When it comes to dealing with a scratched gift card, there is the no better option to exploit first than the company of the gift card itself. By contacting the card issuer, you can swiftly take care of the damaged card issue as various options will be present according to the extent of the card damage.

One requirement that various customer care representatives have in common is that you need to prove your ownership of your gift card when you contact them. To this end, you will be asked to present the gift card receipt while sending a scanned copy of the card. If you have misplaced your receipt, you can simply ask your bank to send a bank statement.

2. Barcode Scanning 

Most gift cards have bar codes printed on them. Just like products with bar codes that can be scanned for their information at the counter, gift cards can be identified in the same way. Your gift card bar code is more important than you think and can come in handy in this situation.

Just as swipe is for credit cards, scanning can also be for gift cards. Scanning gift cards to redeem them can be done through various mediums like the mobile app, website, or store (in some cases). To make sure your gift card can be redeemed with its bar code, simply contact customer support to find out. 

3. Physical store.

Depending on the store where you bought your card, the attendant might be able to be of help. For the most part, store attendants are quite familiar with gift card damage-related issues. 

All you need to do is visit the store with your gift card receipt to get started. A key factor to remember is that the extent of the damage is a key factor in how much help you can get. If the store isn’t of much help to you, simply refer back to the first option and contact customer support instead. 

Why Is Your Gift Card Not Working Online?

There are various potential reasons why your gift card doesn’t work online. From mismatched details to expired gift vouchers, we will investigate various possible reasons why your gift card won’t work online in this section.

1. Incorrect Pin

You’ll need to use the correct PIN for the gift card in order to make a successful transaction. The gift card will be rejected if you don’t have a PIN or enter the PIN incorrectly. The cashier will inform you that the card isn’t working in this situation.

In reality, it simply needs to be executed using a different technique. If you have one, check to make sure you’ve entered your PIN correctly. Tell the cashier to process the transaction as a “credit” transaction if you don’t have a PIN or can’t recall the right PIN.

2. Gift Card Not Active

You won’t be able to use your gift card online if it hasn’t been activated. Activating gift cards before use is a strategy that is becoming more and more popular for reducing gift card fraud.

If any activation steps are necessary, look on the back of the gift card or any gift card packaging you have. In that case, look after it before using the card. Gift cards that have not been activated will not be honored at the cash register.

3. Platform issues or errors

Your gift card might not work if the platform in question is experiencing or trying to fix some errors. Take the gift card to customer service and request assistance if you’ve tried everything else and are convinced that you haven’t used the gift card yourself. Providing as much information as you can gives you the best results. 

If the gift card was purchased by you, you need to provide proof of purchase, such as an activation receipt, credit card statement, or other information that will allow the customer service agent to ascertain whether the gift card was activated properly, was used by someone else or isn’t working for some other reason. 

How Do You Scratch The Back Of A Gift Card?

The best way to scratch your gift card is by applying sly pressure to the thin foil-like area at the back of your gift card. While it might sound easy, you need to take into account how firm the gift card paper itself is when scratching the card.

While it might sound quite easy, it isn’t quite the case. While scratching the gift card, another thing you need to take into account is that you must do it with dry hands. In the case where your hands are wet or slightly moist, you could reduce the durability of the paper by making it soft. 

Can You Use A Gift Card Without A Physical Card?

Without having the main gift card on hand, you can still make a purchase using a saved gift card or declining balance. This helps build home accounts with pre-funded debit balances and is a terrific sales tool for selling more gift cards.

In summary, if you forget to carry your physical gift card, all hope is not lost. If a customer has one or more gift cards with insufficient balances, you can use the Split payment flow to zero out the problematic gift card and accept another form of payment for the remaining amount of the transaction.

What Do Scammers Do With Gift Cards?

Gift cards are used to buy things in the name of the cardholder or owner by fraudsters. As an alternative, gift cards can also be exchanged for actual money in a number of ways.

In the first place, the fraudster can sell the gift card for less than the stated value. They could decide to provide a $100 gift card for $80, as an example. Since there was no initial investment, the con artist did not suffer any financial loss. The low cost, however, tempts buyers to purchase the card on the illicit market.

Can a Stolen Gift Card Be Deactivated?

If a gift card is missing, you can cancel it. You can report a lost or stolen gift card by calling the customer support number found on the back of the majority of gift cards.

When you notice that the card is lost, get in touch with the merchant right once to cancel the card and learn how to order a replacement. If you have the gift card number and/or have registered the card at the time of purchase, even though you don’t have the original card receipt, you can still be eligible for reimbursement.

How Do You Check If A Gift Card Has Been Activated?

Ask the cashier if the gift card is properly activated and available for use if you have any concerns regarding its activation. A receipt stating that the card has been activated might be given to you by the cashier.

If the activation was carried out online, you can easily see if the gift card balance has been reflected by checking your account balance on the brand’s website. The gift card should be functional after you’ve finished the activation process! The gift card may, however, occasionally need to be held over for a period of time of between 24 and 48 hours before it can be used.

Can You Activate A Gift Card At Self-Checkout?

In some stores, gift cards can be purchased at the self-service checkout. Once your money has been processed and your transaction is complete, the gift card will be activated.

Self-service In grocery and retail businesses, checkout kiosks have gained popularity and are a practical choice when buying minor items. You will need the card number and, if applicable, the PIN or security code located on the back of the card to check the balance of a gift card.

Can You Buy A Gift Card With A Gift Card At Walmart?

Customers cannot use an existing gift card to buy additional gift cards at Walmart. Additionally, Walmart doesn’t permit the combination of gift cards. Thus, you are unable to purchase a new Walmart gift card by combining several existing ones.

Whether it is legal to purchase a gift card with another gift card is not governed by federal or state law. The choice of a company’s policy is entirely up to them. It implies that every merchant has the discretion to decide whether to permit customers to use one gift card to buy another gift card from a different brand or third party.


Your scratched-off gift card can still be redeemed or, worst case scenario, replaced, that is if you meet certain conditions. Gift card issuers require various conditions to be met before scratched card issues can be fixed. Call your brand’s customer care support line at the back of your gift card to get started.    

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