Why Is Wells Fargo ATM Not Accepting Deposits [Best Fix]

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Restrictions on deposits in most cases are a result of a deposit hold. A deposit hold signifies that a check amount has been credited to your account, but it is unavailable for use.

To protect you from fraud, overdrafts, and costs that could arise if cash were made accessible right away and the check was returned to you, Wells Fargo ATMs may refuse to take deposits.


The basic policy of Wells Fargo Bank is to make deposited cash available on the first business day after the bank receives them. However, we may place a deposit hold on these funds and postpone their availability for up to 7 business days in rare situations.

Why Is Wells Fargo ATM Not Accepting Deposits?

The following are some of the most common reasons for placing a hold on a check or deposit:

  1. When You Try To Deposit Fake money
  2. When There is a problem with the bank’s network.
  3. If your pin was input incorrectly.
  4. If The number of bills in a single transaction has beyond the required number.

When You Try to Deposit Fake Money

This is a significant factor in the failure of atm cash deposits. Since a depositor will not be interacting with a bank teller to deposit cash into the bank, many fraudsters are attempting to exploit this method to put counterfeits.

Nevertheless, because the atm cash deposit system is designed to detect counterfeits, this will fail miserably. If you put counterfeit money into an ATM, it will immediately reject it. When your Wells Fargo atm isn’t accepting deposits, and you’re not sure about the cash you’ve got, double-check it to be sure it’s not a fake.

When There Is a Problem with The Bank’s Network.

Another reason for a Wells Fargo ATM not accepting deposits is a network issue, which is extremely common in some bank branches. You have no choice but to wait and try again in this circumstance.

Network troubles can be pretty aggravating, and the longest I’ve witnessed was two hours, during which the bank tried every available method to repair the problem. If the atm you tried has a network problem, please travel to any nearby ATMs and test if the cash deposit will go through.

Up to this point, these are the factors I’m aware of that lead to Wells Fargo ATMs refusing to accept deposits. When an atm refuses your cash deposits, please try another ATM or find a different ATM to see if the cash deposit will go through.

If Your Pin Was Input Incorrectly.

This is another common reason for Wells Fargo ATMs not accepting deposits, even though it is required. The cardholder should know the card pin unless the card is not yours.

In most circumstances, if a card pin is entered incorrectly, the ATM will refuse the transaction without proceeding any further. If your cash deposits at the Wells Fargo ATM are not being accepted, please start over and double-check that you entered the correct pin for the card.

If the Number of Bills in A Single Transaction Has Beyond the Required Number.

Wells Fargo atm cash deposits limit the number of bills deposited in a single transaction. When a bank customer attempts to exceed the maximum limit for a single transaction, the bank rejects some or all of the cash.

The bank mentioned the maximum amount of bills required per transaction on the atm screen, which most bank customers are unaware of. The limits being surpassed by a bank customer are critical reasons Wells Fargo does not accept deposits.

What Is Wells Fargo Atm Deposit Limit

There is no official limit to the amount of cash or check you can deposit on the Wells Fargo ATM. However, it is important to note that some ATMs have a limit on the number of bills and checks that can accept at a time. If an ATM cannot accept all your bills at a time, you can split the deposit into two or three tranches.

If you have a considerable sum to deposit, you should split the money and deposit it one by one and in pieces. As long as you have the required amount of bills for a Wells Fargo atm deposit, the Wells Fargo atm will not refuse your cash.

Whys Did wells Fargo ATM Reject My Check Deposit

The most common reason why your check could be rejected by the wells Fargo ATM is that you did not put your account number on the back of your check. If you do not put your account number on the back of your check then how can they tell who it belongs to? The bank needs this information in order to process your deposit properly. Without it then they cannot process it and this is what causes them to reject it.

The second reason why your check could be rejected is if you insert it into the ATM backward or upside down. This can happen if you are nervous about using an ATM at all and do not want to get charged any fees so go ahead and try anyway and hope that it works out.

The problem with this method is that if it gets caught on something inside then it could tear up and rip right through leaving nothing behind but scraps of paper stuck inside which means no money for you and

How to Deposit a Check at A Wells Fargo Atm

Follow these steps to deposit a check on the Wells Fargo ATM:

  • Use the mobile app to access your account.
  • Select “Deposit Checks” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the account where you want the deposit to go from the “Deposit” dropdown menu. For future mobile deposits, you can choose a default account.
  • The amount indicated on the cheque should be entered. Below the deposit amount, you’ll see your remaining daily and monthly mobile deposit allotments.
  • Using the camera button on your device, photograph the front and back of the check. Make sure the check’s corners fit inside the guides.
  • After you’ve double-checked that the deposit information is right, tap “Deposit.”

Find the nearest Wells Fargo ATM and insert your card into the machine to deposit at a Wells Fargo ATM. Please enter your four-digit card number and press enter.

Tap DEPOSIT on the ATM’s screen. Wait for the ATM deposit slot to open before selecting the deposit once more. Please insert the bills you desire into the deposit ATM slot as soon as it opens. Allow the ATM to scan the invoices, and then it will show you the total amount you deposited.


Take a look at the screen and press the CONFIRM TOTAL button. It will begin processing the transaction, and when it is complete, it will print the receipt unless you choose otherwise, in which case the ticket will be forwarded to your email address, or no permit will be issued.

Tap RETURN CARD after you’re finished. That is all there is to it. You’ve used the Wells Fargo ATM to deposit money into your bank account. You don’t have to tap on the return card to make another transaction, such as depositing cash into the atm for the second time; instead, tap on ANOTHER TRANSACTION to complete the second cash deposit.

Wells Fargo Mobile Deposit Advantages and Disadvantages

The Wells Fargo mobile deposit capability is a valuable feature of the app. There is, however, still potential for development.


  • Depositing a check takes only a few minutes.
  • There is no fee for using a mobile deposit.
  • Most deposits made before the cut-off time will be available the next day.


  • Mobile deposit restrictions are set on a daily and monthly basis.
  • Only personal, commercial, and government checks are accepted.
  • Checking and savings accounts are the only types of accounts that are eligible.

When Does Your Wells Fargo Check Deposit clear

When you deposit a check before the cut-off time on a business day, deposited money is usually available the next business day. The following is how the cut-off times work:

Assume you deposit a check on a Thursday before 9 p.m. On Friday, you will have access to your monies. Your cash will be available the following Tuesday if you deposit after 9 p.m. on a Friday.


On Saturdays and Sundays, deposits will be available the following Tuesday. The next business day promises you made on a federal holiday will be credited to your account. For example, if the holiday falls on a Monday, your funds will be available on Wednesday.

What Are the Signs that A Check Deposit Has Been Put on Hold?

Usually, deposit holds are put at the moment of deposit. We will tell you in various ways when the deposit amount is available in your account. If you deposited your check at a branch or ATM, your check receipt would state when the funds from the bill will be available in your account.

When you join Wells Fargo Business Online and set up alerts, you can receive emails with your check deposit receipt and account activity updates. If we place a deposit hold after the check has been deposited, we will send you a letter detailing the delay.


Why Are Banks Not Accepting Deposits?

Bank of America, like other national banks, no longer accepts cash deposits into accounts that aren’t yours. This policy change, the business claims, is for the safety and protection of its customer’s reports.

Furthermore, it is intended to deter illicit conduct, such as money laundering. Banks are obligated by law to take specific procedures to prevent and combat money laundering.

Although prohibiting your grandmother from depositing cash into your account may appear excessive, by implementing this adjustment across all personal accounts, you will save time and money. Bank of America is taking another step toward ensuring that they have the most delicate systems to combat unlawful activities.

As technology and criminal behavior advance, banks will continue to update their rules and procedures. You can’t deposit cash into someone else’s account, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other, more effective ways to give them money.

What Are Alternatives to Depositing Checks?

Are you looking for a few techniques to prevent deposit holds? Instead of utilizing paper checks, bank-to-bank transfers allow you to transfer money between business accounts at other U.S. financial institutions and your Wells Fargo account.

This option’s funds will generally be available in your Wells Fargo account within one to two business days, with no holds. Wire transfer is another quick way to receive money from personal and commercial accounts in the United States and more than 200 other countries.


Wire transfer funds are usually available and ready the same day or the following working day, and they are not subject to holds. There may be additional charges.

ACH payments are also available to customers. This is a good alternative if you’re working with huge corporate accounts that don’t have any holds. The Automated Clearing House (ACH) is a nationwide payments transfer system that allows you to receive monies the next business day and deposit them straight into your checking account.

Why Won’t My Bank Atm Accept My Deposit?

In this section, we will be highlighting some interesting reasons why your bank ATM might reject your deposit. Some of these reasons include the following:

  • The object was either introduced wrongly or became stuck in the intake mechanism.
  • An unauthorized cash deposit is detected by the ATM (counterfeits)
  • The customer does not bank with the ATM’s owner bank or any other bank whose deposits are accepted in interchange by the ATM’s owner bank.
  • The deposit amount reached the threshold deposit amount.

How Do I Know if My Direct Deposit Is Pending?

To see if your direct transfer has been received, go to:

  • At the top right, click your company name, then Payroll Settings.
  • Under Payroll & Services, select Direct Deposit.
  • In the Employer Infobox, look in the Action column. If Active appears, your direct deposit has been set up and is ready to go.

How Can I Know when My Money Will Be Available After I Deposit It?

When you make a successful deposit, your deposit receipt will tell you when the funds will be accessible to you, including monies that are available right away or funds that will be available the next working day.

You may also track your deposits and check your available balance at any time using our accessible web and mobile capabilities. If a deposit is placed on hold, you will be notified by the teller, by mail, by email, at the ATM, or through mobile deposit.

When a consumer opens an account with Wells Fargo, the bank informs them of the fund’s availability timetable. You can also get a copy of the schedule in any of our banking locations at any time.


We’ve gone over a lot of ground in this post. Keep in mind that Wells Fargo ATMs will not accept cash deposits if the bills total more than the required number in a single transaction, a wrong pin as input, the cash is counterfeit, or the bank’s network is down.

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